Somerville Speakup Line: Somerville,We Have A Problem!

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

By Arthur Moore

The big meeting In my opinion shows why we have this problem. I understand you will be able to watch the stream. First a lot of stuff was information mostly computer generated stuff which we found sort of meaningless. Some people did get to speak. Walking safety an issue, the side street problems of people now using the side streets more and at fast speeds. People trying to get out onto Broadway a challenge. One lady who does volunteer has already mentioned her having to give it up now due to this mess, nice lady was a peace corp volunteer. The police got to speak, I felt bad for them having to be stuck with this and now they want them to hand out pamphlets on how to use the red lane which I found really insulting. They talked about eh timing of the lights being done and waiting for data. I was there for that and it was surely a waste of time as the problem still exits. One lady there after it was done took 45 minutes to get home from Sullivan. I didn’t get to speak. I tried to get a couple very short comments to Niedergang Only about us not being treated like 12 year olds and having to get instructions on how to use the red lane. We are not stupid, we do know! Most of us chose not to and will keep doing so to get around this mess the city created. I have observed first hand our police stuck with this job writing tickets and warning people causing 30 to 50 more people to now use the red lane since the police are tied up with one. And the people doing this drive faster now. Let the police do real work they are trained for. They didn’t do all that work studying and learning to be stuck with this. I was not going to say all that when leaving, just casually mention it. My second one is that they should go out there personally and see what is going on instead of looking at computer numbers. I have been out there almost every day 2 hours at a time at different times. I can see with my own eyes what is happening. I do not need computers and numbers. I talk to people I ask questions. I would gladly tell them what is going on, all they have to do is ask. Granted Niedergang shut me down and properly so and was civil about it. I will grant him that. But understand we are very passionate about this cause which is increasing so much more than I ever thought it was going to. I am very disappointed in lack of help from our elected officials whom I believe are not going to speak up to the mayor about the problems of the taxpayers and the people who employ him. To see al the details please watch the video of the meeting.

I was tempted to toss my hat in the ring and become the ward 4 council person, but seeing how the higher ups who are responsible for this outrageous assault on our community I would only be fighting on deaf ears. I truly think someone should run in ward 5 for the people. Comments by Niedergand show is going to have his way and not the peoples. That is not acceptable in my opinion. If you can’t take orders yo should do at least the right and hand in your resignation.

Also watch for restore Broadway banners coming out. First one will be at Proof at 10 Main St. We hope for people to support the businesses that support us. A very wonderful person I have met during this fight is volunteering this. Her name is Kate Castle and she was a peace Corp volunteer and at this moment is doing volunteer work in the city which she may have to give up due to this red lane mess. She also started the email where you will be able to get information as we get it. And don’t forget the petition at where hopefully the numbers will show this city that they need to act on what the people want, not what they want. Here is the link or go to and restore Broadway Somerville.

And sadly the parking for the area where the Nail Salon is located should be restored. I find that extremely distasteful and it seems like a deliberate attempt to put these people out of business. There once was a time Somerville supported small business. Not destroy them.

.And last for this article, please support Marianne Walles for mayor. We desperately need her. Not to be confused with our fight for Broadway as we have not had a chance to discuss this due to her being so busy trying to get elected to start working for the people of Somerville.

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