Somerville High School Class of 1949 Reunion

Photo left to right:Bill Mahoney, Joseph O”Callaghan, Neil MacNevin, Toni Spinucci.

The Somerville High school, class of 1949 held an event on Wednesday, Sept 18th, that could be considered a bit rare… Their 70th Class reunion!! This very special luncheon was held at the Mt. Vernon restaurant on Broadway…and, all attendees agreed that the welcome by the Mt. Vernon staff, as well as the food and, service was truly outstanding.

The 49 class numbered over 800 graduates. Over fifty of the hardy classmates arrived…ready to celebrate..and celebrate they did! Renewing old friendships, recalling great memories and, at one point in the afternoon shaking the venerable Mt. Vernon Restaurant with a full throated, all out rendition of the traditional school song…”Wave High Your Gilded Banners!!”

One of the never to be forgotten memories of the class was the boy’s basketball teams great victories that year…winning the State Title and, going on to win the New England Championship! Winning both major tournaments while playing before sellout crowds in the Boston Garden. An achievement that was never duplicated due to the ending of the tournament system shortly after their win…

The class of 1949 has had many reunions over the 70 years…and, the basketball story, the class Highlite, has never failed to be a major topic of conversation. The Committee members for the reunion were Neil MacNevin and Toni Spinucci. They and all attendees want to profusely thank the staff and management of the Mt. Vernon Restaurant for their efforts in making this a superb and unforgettable afternoon. They truly helped this class…..wave high their gilded banners….in true Somerville spirit!

Photo left to right:Sophie Mitrano, John Cannuli, Robert Santosuosso, Eleanor Santosuosso, Theresa Geldart

Photo left to right:Rose and Bill Mahoney

Photo left to right:Barbara Manuel, Lorraine Gibbons, Nancy Ferrick, Ruth MacNevin, Jo DeVelis, Venetia Stavrinos

Photo left to right:Marilyn Fall, John Foppiano, Nancy Foppiano, Chet Zaneski, Barbara Rhuda

Photo left to right:Rose Abondante, Mary Cavan, Mary Wright, Lisa Davis

Photo left to right:Lesley Milos, Dorothy Lucas, Louis Lucas, Arthur Milos, Kim Milos

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