Somerville Speakup Line: Respected Advocate Lashes Out About Unfairness In Somerville Schools To School Committee Member While Others Labeling Him As a Racist

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

Hopefully you’ll post this because I’ve been sending you this information on Andre Green for a while. You say that you post things that are unfiltered and unwatered down, well let’s see if you really do because here it is.

I’m sure after you verify it is true, because it is on his personal Facebook page. Just check and see the authenticity of it and you will definitely post it for sure. If you don’t post it, well that might mean you’re full of shit, but I know you better than that Billy T, you’re the Real Deal who always does the right thing.

I’ve noticed that Somerville Ben Echevarria as seen here sending Ward 4 Somerville School Commitee Member AndreGreen a clear and direct message of his disgust of the SomervilleSchool System.

Ben Echevarria is the Executive Director of The Welcome Project, an organization dedicated to building the collective power of immigrants to shape community decisions. A pastor and a longtime leader in the Latinx community, Ben’s work in the social justice movement has led him to organizing and advocating for those whose voice isn’t being heard. Ben now leads fights for affordable housing, educational policies that are equitable, and leadership development. 

If you go happen to go on School Committee Member Andre Green’s personal Facebook page, you will fall drop dead on the ground after seeing all of his racist post which just might make him deemed to actually be a racist. But if you go on his school committee Facebook page it paints a different picture on him.

I’ve enclosed a few of his latest postings from his personal Facebook page so enjoy this racist that you have elected to look over our children in the Somerville School System.

4 thoughts on “Somerville Speakup Line: Respected Advocate Lashes Out About Unfairness In Somerville Schools To School Committee Member While Others Labeling Him As a Racist”

  1. Could whoever submitted this post, please highlight the racism?

    Some of us are having a hard time finding it.

  2. Where’s the racism? White supremacy is real. White fragility is real. Talking about these problems doesn’t make someone a racist.

    Andre Green is an intelligent persistent advocate who is trying to make the city better for all of its residents. He’s willing to talk about the things that are harder on marginalized residents. Talking about things that are different between white communities and communities of color is not racism.

    What do you do to make the city better? What are you doing to make the school system more fair?

  3. Sounds like you have a problem with people of color talking about whites in a negative way. I read everything you think is so damning and I found nothing that is offensive. I think who ever is reporting this might have fallen off the turnip truck (a few times).

    1. Perhaps / but after scrolling through his page reading posts and comments – a lot seem to be black vs white – & a lot of “ white”
      Privilege.. etc .. and there have been many who have brought to his attention /

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