Letter From The Editor:Somerville Taxpayer Dollars Shoddy Work and Broken Promises. 

 By William Tauro
Just a few photos and videos from Monday’s Labor Day rains. The Engineering Department did a great job on the newly completed sewer project on Somerville Avenue, its beginning to look alot like the same 2 1/2′ river that flows on Richdale Avenue every timer rains.
The whole neighborhood behind Senator Pat Jehlan’s house to Beacon Street is underwater. 
Check out the  photos of Village Street and Properzi Way. Real good quality workmanship guys. They love spending your hard earned taxpayer dollars on shoddy work, broken promises and no pride.
These elected political assclowns can’t take care of their own streets if their lives depended on it, never mind take care of the community. Time for a new plan!

This is a result of too many paint brushes and not enough calculators ENGINEERING roadways & their drainage.

Pretty on paper; dysfunctional in real life.

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