Somerville Speakup Line:Why Hasn’t Billy T Been Sued Yet for Slander? Because the Truth Hurts, Its In The Book!

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

This is in reference as well as a response to a comment posted on Billy T’s personal Facebook page:
”I hope the family (Curtatones) can’t go after you for defamation of character. Be careful…😎😎”

My response is:
How can they? If what Billy has said is factual and I believe everything is then THE TRUTH HURTS! Im no lawyer but I don’t think u can get in trouble for staying factual information.

Now if coke eyes can ever PROVE Billy has made something up then maybe he’s got a case but when old ” friends” have a falling out I tend to think that those closest to CirtaPHONY certainly know and knee all the family dirt! This is where Joe wasn’t too smaht🤣. Thinking he’s above the law and assuming nobody would have the balls to go after him?

Think about it … Who is he? Just a reg kid from the neighborhood who grew up like all of us. No better no worse. He’s done things he’s not proud of ( we all have – i certainly have ) the difference being I KNOW I’m just another Somerville guy -. Joe grew up to believe he was better than us and he’s proved this in the way he’s treated well respected cops like Joe M and many others. He’s fired some and then nominated others for promotions when 2 guys were involved in the same scandals?

He’s had family members fuck up ( we all have) but we don’t have the balls to keep looking the other way and continue to use political clout to help those we love. There’s nothing wrong with helping friends and family. A little political hackery is expected and typically tolerated UNTILL IT IS ABUSED!! AND ABUSED IS CERTSINLY WHAT HE HAS DONE!! He has abused the power of a small town mayor and I hope he gets whatever he deserves. Nothing more nothing less. If he is guilty of HALF what I’ve been told them this kid should spend some time behind bars where he can continue to pump iron.

Maybe he can set up another steroid ring and sell them like he did in the late 80’s. FACT!! that’s one thing I KNOW 1ST HAND!! Not a big deal HOWEVER,when a man wants to act like he’s a saint and never done wrong , I believe the sale and use of illicit drugs is a crime. So I that one small thing ,he is a criminal who got away with that little crime. I want to see him suffer the consequences of the many crimes and shake downs that we’ve all heard he was guilty of?

We’ve been hearing for several years now how Joe is going down? Again ,if deserving , I truly hope he does the time for anything inappropriate that he has used his power for! If innocent ,then walk away. I’ll never forgive him for making this great city a sanctuary for illegals and that ridiculous Black lives matter sign hung at City Hall when he knew his own police force never wanted it there ? Again, not working WITH the cops but acting like he was ABOVE THEM!


Jimmy Straticos

Another comment:If it wasn’t true, they’d have sued him already.

In a statement Tauro said “To my many dedicated readers and sponsors out there, all my articles are completly un-watered down, unfiltered, absolutely the verifiable truth and uncensored, so please don’t get offended and don’t ask me to alter anything because I don’t take any prisoners, but if you are then you’re part of the problem.

I will continue to write what I write because making people aware of their surroundings, it’s the absolute right thing to do and that’s just the way it is!

Best regards,Billy T”

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