By William Tauro

They had a plan, every single one of them. They knew beforehand that all this was going to happen with the Green Line Extension coming. So they bought up the property and became abutting neighbors. Just take a good look on the final fate that the owner of the Ball Square Bowling Alley had to endure and what went on with that inside deal.

All these political hostile takeovers taking place in a circled area especially where a former Somerville Alderman who scooped up that yellow Shields Gas Station on Broadway and pinned it down. Is that why he possibly suddenly resigned?

They knew that the Greenline was coming and they moved right in with the help of their partners in the administration for their own personal gain and greed.

The good people should call them out “The Insider Gang” because technically it was all like ” insider trading ” with property and not stocks.

It’s so obvious that the administration hooked them up with the MBTA Greenline Extension Project which proves more of inside privileged insider favoritism and forfeited information.

My Prediction is that the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and the Drain Doctor properties on Broadway will be the next victims to fall prey to the scam. Especially where the former Somerville Alderman owns the Shields Gas station directly next door.

I will also predict that the Shield Gas Station’s owner will sue the city and Greenline project for the closure and loss of business sales, another perfectly tuned inside bag Job.

Just keep an eye on it and watch. The inside partners want that deal done especially where he’s part of the deal. Who’s next?

I have a great sense that the proud Somerville citizens have not yet given up in our law enforcement and judicial system as of yet, so let’s go get them before they get away with it.

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