Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Dannielle WALSH (ID Fraud, Larceny Under, Receiving Lost CC) & Cheryl MACMILLAN (ID Fraud, Larceny Under, Receiving Lost CC

On Tuesday, February 26, 2019, while assigned to marked unit West-6, I, Officer Ashley Catatao, was dispatched to Robbins Smoke Shop, located at 5 Davis Square, for the report of a larceny.

Upon arrival, I met with the reporting part, XXXX. According to XXXX, approximately ten minutes before my arrival, XXXX was inside CVS, located at 1 Davis Square, and after making a purchase with her boyfriend’s credit card at 6:35PM, she dropped the credit card on the ground, unbeknownst to her at the time, and left the store. A few minutes later, she realized she did not have the credit card and went back to CVS to look for it. While looking for the credit card, XXXX’s boyfriend, XXXX, notified her that the credit card was just used at Robbins Smoke Shop for a purchase totaling $63.43. XXXX then called the Somerville Police to report it. When I arrived on scene, the store owner, XXXX, was reviewing the footage of the event. As I watched the video, I immediately recognized one of the female’s as the defendant, Danielle Walsh. Ms. Walsh is known to me as well as the Somerville Police Department due to numerous past incidents involving her. The other female with Walsh was unknown to me but was later identified as the other defendant, Cheryl MacMillan. Walsh and MacMillan walk into the store together, converse, then Walsh pulls out what appears to be a credit card, hands it to XXXX who processes the purchase at 6:40PM and then hands the card back to Walsh. Walsh puts the card back into her purse while MacMillan signs the purchase receipt. Both Walsh and MacMillan then exit the store together.

After viewing the footage, XXXX states that she believes they are still in the area. As I walk out of the store and start walking towards BFresh, I immediately recognize two females standing in front of BFresh to be Walsh and MacMillan from the security video. I notify Somerville Control that I am approaching the suspects from the larceny and marked unit West-5 is dispatched as back-up. As I approach MacMillan and Walsh, I ask them both if they were just in CVS and the Smoke Shop and they both stated that they were. I then asked Walsh if she made a purchase at the Smoke Shop and she stated that she purchased cigarettes. I then placed Walsh in handcuffs as West-5 arrived on scene.

As Officer Desrochers exited his cruiser, I asked him to stand by MacMillan. At this time, I read both MacMillan and Walsh their Miranda Rights. I asked if they both understood their rights and they both replied that they did. I then asked Walsh if she used a credit card that did not belong to her to purchase those cigarettes and she replied no. Both MacMillan and Walsh vehemently denied that they purchased the cigarettes with a credit card that did not belong to them. MacMillan stated that she used her credit card, a Santander Mastercard, that she had her in hand. I then informed MacMillan and Walsh about the security video and what it showed. Walsh kept saying “Bring me back to the store, the guy will tell you I did not do it.” I then told Walsh that the store clerk confirmed what I had seen on the video and that she had handed him the card and that MacMillan had signed the purchase receipt. XXXX knows both Walsh and MacMillan as they are both “regulars.” MacMillan then stated “I saw the credit card on the ground, I picked it up and said to Danielle ‘Hey look what I found!'” MacMillan then claims Walsh “snatched” the credit card from her and said they should go to the smoke shop. Once at the smoke shop and after making the purchase, Walsh told MacMillan to sign the receipt to which MacMillan did. I then asked them where the card was and Walsh replied “I left it on the ATM in BFresh.” Officer Desrochers retrieved the credit card from the ATM. MacMillan was placed under arrest along with Walsh and both will be charged with the following charges:

– 266/30/C – Larceny under $1,200
– 266/37E – Identity Fraud
– 266/37B/J – Receiving Lost Credit Card

MacMillan stated she wanted to “give the card to the lady” but that Walsh would not let her. Marked unit 200 arrived and transported both females back to the Somerville Police Department where they were booked by the shift commander.

The credit card was returned to XXXX and I did advise XXXX over the phone about the situation and what he should do to rectify it.

A copy of the receipt and video will be made available upon request.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Ashley Catatao #299

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