Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Taris WILSON (Resisting Arrest, Trespass, Shoplifting)

On March 3, 2019, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in the Alpha Unit. At approximately 3:30pm, I was alerted by a citizen, XXXX, that there were two males shoplifting inside Adidas. As I responded, I observed the described suspects walking on Assembly Row toward Canal St. I immediately recognized one suspect as Taris Wilson, a repeat shoplifter from Assembly Row. I also knew that Wilson was trespassed from all Assembly Row property. I personally arrested Wilson after shoplifting from Columbia Sports on May 9, 2018 (Incident #18027520), and informed him of his trespass warning.

I pulled my marked cruiser over, and instructed Wilson and his unknown accomplice to come to my vehicle and return all stolen property. Wilson handed me three Adidas t-shirts, however the accomplice fled toward Grand Union Blvd. As Wilson handed me the shirts, I observed Columbia tags hanging from the backpack he was carrying. I instructed Wilson to hand over every item he had stolen. Wilson opted to turn and flee on foot toward Kmart. I ordered Wilson to stop, and that he was under arrest, however he ignored my commands, and continued to run. I informed dispatch, and Officer Courtney Reece (East 1) responded to assist. We followed Wilson through the parking lot, toward Revolution Drive. Knowing Wilson commonly uses the MBTA to facilitate his escape, I parked on Revolution Drive at the Assembly Row train station, and observed Wilson walk right to me.

I ordered Wilson to the ground, however he continued to be defiant. Wilson threw his backpack at me, and then began walking away from me on Revolution Drive toward Grand Union Blvd. I gave Wilson four commands to get on the ground or he would be sprayed. Fearing immediate flight again, and the knowledge that Wilson always carries at least one knife on him, I issued a one second burst to Wilson, but it had no effect. I then issued a second one second burst, and achieved the result of distracting Wilson to take him into custody. I took Wilson to the ground, where Wilson refused to give up his left arm. A struggle ensued, but Officer Reece and I were able to successfully handcuff him. Upon an immediate pat frisk, Officer Reece located a knife on his left side in close proximity to where his arm was during the struggle.

Wilson was transported to Somerville Hospital by Cataldo Ambulance. After Somerville Hospital cleared Wilson medically, he was transported to the Somerville Police Station by Officer Dylan Lambert (Unit 200) and booked by Lt. Rich Lavey. Wilson is charged with two counts of Shoplifting by concealment (266/30A/D), Trespass (266/120), and Resisting Arrest (268/32B).

All property was returned to Columbia ($159.95 worth of merchandise) and Adidas ($118.78 worth of merchandise). Wilson was not forthcoming with his accomplice information, and he was unable to be located.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Tim Van Nostrand
Somerville Police Dept.

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