Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Lenne QUINTERO-FLORES (Poss A, Poss E, Shoplifting) at Assembly Row

On 2/25/2019, while assigned to marked unit East-1, I was dispatched with East-4 (Officer Goulart) to the Assembly Row mall for reports of a shoplifting. Dispatch notified us that the RP (Loss prevention associate XXXX), described the suspect as a Hispanic male, wearing a green coat and jeans. Upon our arrival we were flagged down by XXXX and he stated that the party may be in the Christmas Tree Shop. After searching and exiting the store, XXXX pointed out the suspect in the back of the parking lot closer to Starbucks.
Upon officer Goulart and I approaching the suspect, later to be identified as Mr. Lenne Quintero-Flores, he appeared that he would attempt to flee, but didn’t. I attempted to explain to Mr. Flores why we were stopping to talk to him when he became extremely erratic. I noticed on the ground that there were items spread out behind a car and it appeared Mr. Flores was attempting to put the items in paper bags from the Christmas Tree Shop. Mr. Flores began yelling and swinging his arms around. For Officer safety I placed Mr. Flores in Handcuffs (DL) and explained that he was not currently under arrest but he was being detained. I then read Mr. Flores his Miranda rights from a card I keep in my vest pocket.

Mr. Flores several times said that he did not steal any of the items from the stores but brought them down to Assembly with him. He had several explanations as to where the items came from. He stated first that he brought the items from his mother’s house. Then he stated some of the items he purchased from lowes, he then stated he was going to return some items to Home Depot, and then he stated he was carrying the items around with him to compare prices. I would note that due to the quantity and size of the items, there would be no way to carry all of the items as he was describing that he did. Mr. Flores also stated that he had taken a cab, then that he walked from Sullivan Square, and then told me that his friend dropped him off at Home Depot. I attempted to make sense of what Mr. Flores was explaining and asked him about the different stories. Mr. Flores became extremely Irate and started berating Officer Goulart and I.
I spoke to XXXX to ask him what happened. He stated Mr. Flores came into the store, selected items, placed them in his carriage, then exited the store, bypassing all points of sale, and making no effort to pay for the items.

At this time I explained to Mr. Flores that he was now under arrest and I requested dispatch to send the prisoner transport vehicle (Unit-200). Mr. Flores was transported back to the Somerville Police Station and Booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Rymill.
A follow up with Home Depot Loss Prevention associate XXXX determined that Mr. Flores had entered the store earlier in the day, selected several items, placed them in a shopping cart, and exited the store, bypassing all points of sale, and making no attempt to pay for the items.

During an inventory of all the items taken from Mr. Flores I located a small, red, semi translucent case in his belongings. I opened the case to find 14 square white pills. Through my training and experience I recognized these to be Xanax. I also located a pair of wire snips, which in my training and experience are what shoplifters use to remove anti theft devices from high priced items in stores. Inside Mr. Flores’ bag, inside of a metal pill container, a common hiding place for contraband, I found two small baggies, one baggie contained a white powdery substance, which from my training and experience to be heroin and in the other a clear rock like substance, unidentifiable at this time. I will be filing charges once lab results come back for the rock substance.
Mr. Flores was charged with two counts of shoplifting by asportation
One Count of possession of an anti theft removal device
One count of Possession of Class E.
One Count of Posession Class A

I would note that there were other items in Mr. Flores’ possession which will be put into safe keeping until a time when he can come claim them.

All items have been placed into evidence

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Christopher Fusco #328

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