Letter from the Somerville News Weekly Editor Billy T

To all my readers and especially to those of you that live, work and play in Somerville including my many friends in this city, I have to advise you of the following:

Within the next few weeks and actually in coming days as well, we will be reporting on regarding somewhat astonishing but worrisome discoveries recently made regarding prior police investigations that our team of dedicated investigative reporters here at The Somerville News Weekly have been following.

Several familiar names have surfaced and will be exposed through these investigations and will be put out to the public to judge the circumstantial evidence that will be presented in these articles.

Circumstantial evidence is evidence that relies on an inference to connect it to a conclusion of fact—including a fingerprint or missing and/or tampered with evidence at the scene of a crime. By contrast, direct evidence supports the truth of an assertion directly—i.e., without need for any additional evidence or inference.

Regarding past articles of mine that are already out there in the mainstream media and especially already printed in my book, STEALING SOMERVILLE and if they weren’t 100% true and verifiable, people accused of these allegations would be out in full force denying, disputing and taking me to court on them which nobody has denied, disputed nor sued me as of this date.

If these articles were not true and 100% verifiable, believe me, I wouldn’t be putting them out there placing myself at risk of a potential lawsuit.

So with that said please understand and don’t hate me for doing my job when names within these investigations are mentioned because they should’ve thought the consequences out before it happened so tough shit. And please don’t contact me to complain your name was mentioned nor contact me to take your name out because it won’t happen nor do I want to hear it. If you are an advertiser and get cold feet, well you’re part of the problem then and we’ll let you know and deal with you latter.

Watered-down news just isn’t my thing because that’s just what I won’t do. I can’t change or sugarcoat your story and I won’t.

The accused that will be mentioned are big boys and made their own beds. Like the old saying goes “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime!”

I’m sure that if the shoe were on the other foot, that you would do the same and to tell the truth and expose it all, especially for the victims involved who have suffered the most. Because nobody is above the Law!

Best regards,

Billy T

3 thoughts on “Letter from the Somerville News Weekly Editor Billy T”

  1. Here’s an idea: go after whoever in the SPD is in charge of these details. Have you noticed they have way more cops at these construction sites than they need lately? I’ve seen 3-4 of them standing around a hole, yacking or in their phones. Standing in front of barricades that nobody can drive past anyway. Talk about gilding the lilly. There’s no oversight. They’re disgracing what should otherwise be a noble profession. How can they stand there collecting $50+ / hour knowing everyone driving by knows they’re scammers.

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