Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Maria MOREIRA (Drug Poss A, Shoplifting) Market Basket Som Ave

On Friday, January 18, 2019 I was assigned to E-2. At around 12:08 PM myself and Sector East, Officer VanNostrand were dispatched to Market Basket at 400 Somerville Avenue for a report of a shoplifter.

When we arrived on scene we were met by Maria Moreira. Maria had been caught by Market Basket staff attempting to leave with various food items concealed in her bag. When stopped Maria became uncooperative with the staff prompting them to contact Somerville Police. During our discussion with Maria she seemed very nervous and kept getting out of her chair despite being told to remain seated by myself and Officer VanNostrand. We performed a search of her bags to make sure she did not have any other stolen items.

During the search Officer VanNostrand discovered a pill bottle prescribed to Maria containing empty baggies filled with a small amount of white powder. When asked what it was Maria replied that it was cocaine. Maria then said that they were from a while ago and she forgot she had them. We then did a pat frisk of Maria’s jacket. At this point she became increasingly nervous to the point that she was shaking. In her right jacket pocket I felt a small coin purse and upon looking inside it I found three small bags containing a brown powder substance which through my training and experience, I believed to be heroin. Maria then told us that it was heroin in the bags and began to apologize.

Maria was then handcuffed behind her back (double locked) and transported to the station by Officer Lorenti in the prisoner transport wagon Unit-200, where she was booked in the usual manner by Sergeant Shackleford.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Keith O’Donnell
Badge# 340
Somerville Police Department

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