Letter from the Editor:Our Opinion Is That Somerville Times Can’t Face Reality Or They Will Loose City Ads

Did any of you people get a chance to read that old time rag the Somerville Time’s News Talk aka “The No Balls To Print Your Real Name Column” this past week?

As you’ll notice in this hilarious opinion piece below from these assclowns, they are obviously referring to our reporting that we have continuously exposed about the corruption within the administration up at city hall.

The only difference between the people in that Somerville Times comical opinion piece below is that we don’t lick the mayor’s boots as they continuously do to receive the lucrative city ads that Curtatone is providing them in exchange for them trying to bash us with their cowardly slanderous unnamed/no balls opinions.

Instead our stories are 100% true and 100% verifiable and we would love to have anybody and everybody that we’ve ever written about including those idiots at the Times “Who are also named in many of my article as accomplices” to take us to court to sue us for slander because we would love to get them on the witness stand and have them tell their story under oath in front of everybody before the people of Somerville especially with the FBI in the front row!

That’s probably why Joe nor nobody else in his administration have denied any of my allegations so tuck that up your ass!

So Somerville Times with that said, go back and ask the mayor for further instructions and bring it on because the only thing that you’re confirming is how much of bigger idiots that you actually are!

Read their idiotic/unnamed cowardly dig against us below and please try not to throw up in your own mouths! 😂

Billy T

Somerville Time’s opinion: “Did the administration read this or The Hearld? What’s this? According to The Boston Herald an Essex County Judge ruled that the mayor of Methuen may move ahead with his defamation lawsuit against a local newspaper. Apparently, according to the mayor a local paper was spreading lies about him in the paper, making “false and outrageous statements about him being a drug addict, a corrupt cop and a crooked politician.” This could be interesting to stay ahead of. Who knows who might or might not do the same. Very sad that a paper can’t just be there to tell a story instead of being the story. Yes, our paper has a rumor column and it is clearly stated that it is a rumor column. If we make up outlandish lies about someone then we should be taken to task. We will watch to see what happens down the road with Mayor James Jajuga and his lawsuit. For those that would like to check it out, Google and read about the suit and what the judge has to say. All we can say is good luck to many others who find themselves in a situation like this. DO IT!”

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