Keep an Eye on Those Historical Somerville Homes

By Judy Locchi Jacobs

I’m sure friends of the historical commission will be house hunting…. has anyone gone on their tours? They are a devious bunch. Remember the $350 added to our taxes for the Community Preservation Act? It was to include paying for green space, affordable housing and also funds to help homeowners with historical homes…. so if they plan to demolish historical homes this will hurt their friends or is it to be used to take these homes away in order to free up more housing stock for the snobs who want only historical homes and will use the proceeds under CPA for their own benefit?

By the way, if they show up at your historical home on a Sunday afternoon without having the courtesy to announce their visit, instead walk around the perimeter of your property while gawking at your home, demand they leave at once.

They will tell you your home was in a contest for best kept historical home— which is an outright lie. I confronted them as they didn’t realize I noticed what they were doing. Then their leader tried to squirm her way out of being caught, by saying since the home was updated over ten years ago, it was disqualified.

My home doesn’t need an award from any group in the city. At this stage, anything they say must be exposed and challenged.

I find it not only insulting to our intelligence as local natives who know our city better than anyone— but to show up at ones home unannounced and pointing at it for 20 minutes, like it was a show horse was insulting.

You cannot trust any one of them. Ever since they put up the for sale sign on our entire city, the speculating predators have been out drooling over our over priced housing.

They only help their friends and those willing to pay for the most well constructed historical homes.

Sellers beware… the way, after I spent a little time watching these phonies in action, I did not pursue historical designation. They told me I would have to get my neighbors to sign up to have their homes classified as “historical”, as they didn’t want only one house but many.

I have a close friend who has a historical home in Hingham, he’s not only a career architect but knows the process very well with regard to historical designation. I will be forwarding this article to him. He’s already agreed that what’s going on here is suspect. The problem is we have no real sheriff to make sure everything is done above board. They allowed these poachers to come into our city and hijack our housing. And certain members of the BOA are benefiting politically by helping their friends acquire our stock of property. It’s outrageous and unacceptable.

The market is dropping, maybe we will finally see a shift in home and condo sales and they can all pack up and go feed off another town— try Brookline, Newton and Wellesley…. they will most likely slam the door in their face as these towns discourage condo building and why the vultures have descended here….. because unfortunately a working class town with no real political protection to preserve its housing stock and native people who worked real jobs for decades as their parents and grandparents before them are seen as easy prey. The elite liberals think we can be easily fooled…..when they are the real fools. The market dropped 800 points, let’s see how long they can hold on to their money. I’m sure those big donors are staining their diapers…. Enjoy!

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