What Do You Consider The Definition of Freedom?

By Judy Locchi Jacobs

Freedom of Speech, to speak your mind on issues that deeply effect you? Freedom to form your own opinions, right or wrong? Yet knowing you consider the details carefully before sharing with your friends and family, even the people in power you hope can make a difference in helping to avoid the same from happening to others. 

I’ve even admitted to some close friends that I wished I was wrong in certain cases because I’m the type who’s not afraid to make mistakes, it’s how we learn humility and how to improve ourselves. 

But when lawsuits are at the forefront and used as a way to destabilize law and order— I draw the line, because not only is that wrong, it challenges our freedom of truth which should be always above anyone’s agenda to defeat the innocent.

So where am I going with this, you’re wondering?

I’m still wondering that myself because my own story cannot be written how I wish, we have rules which demand the guilty should be protected not the innocent who are forced to pay instead. They pay with their lives, their jobs, their health and throw them into a world of hostility for even challenging their enemies who got them where they are today, due to their criminal behaviors.

I’m always fascinated by the duplicity of some who were also wronged yet found footing again by their own network of friends who helped them move on— their advice. “Get over it”. Sounds cold. 

This is the problem— the hornets nest of corruption and that saying of “the baby and the bathwater”. You cannot toss one out without the other. Evil can’t live in isolation. Instead it breeds among the good, because the good allow it, by choosing to ignore, or participate willingly making them an accomplice— as it perpetuates into a force unseen until it strikes a swift permanent blow upon its victims. 

In my years of blogging I’ve made my mark. In one case it became a situation I would never redeem myself fully because that’s the rub the enemies will use— make up lies in order to save themselves while making you look bad. The most frequently used playbook by gang stalkers who I faced many times even today. I was accused of being a spy for the very criminals who were suspected of the heinous crime. Ridiculous although to those who don’t know the person being accused— could be be convincing and harm them in such a way they can never come back. 

To complicate matters more, as my blogs got surprising traction, due to being an outsider from the city— the two failed writers who challenged me, had openly viewed me as a traitor yet they both served no purpose to shed any light to the crime. Instead, they continued to disparaged the victim as a “loose woman”, which only served to make profits on a sensationalized trial, book deals and interviews.

Try to follow my dots so you will understand what I was faced with— knowing that details must surface for a helpless woman now dead who couldn’t defend herself, caught up in an unexplainable saga who’s abuse and demise would reveal suspected corruption which caught the great minds of law professionals within the region, nation and the globe. 

In the end, after the case, everyone went home and continued their lives as though nothing happened. Yet, otherwise accomplished Boston writers and famous defense attorneys would admit the case had problems and roots in our city and local region as persons of interest were brought into the public trial.  Even law professors questioned the case and its findings. 

Me? I lost my financial stability, including a home which I was told was never really mine that it belonged to the local community. There were suspected criminals who began their sick games of destroying my property, engaging in a car accident in Medford that could have rendered fatal involving a loved one, while another prolific blogger had the very identical accident with her own family member. Both vehicles were registered in our names not of the drivers although listed on car insurance.

There were a lot of other gang stalking scenarios — the one with the house included a rogue fire fighter who’s brother was a well known real estate predator, committed US mail tampering who was rumored to so called connected underground individuals. 

One reporter who covered the story claimed that most of the people of interest and their supporters were the most crazy people they experienced and wrote about. No doubt… that’s even before they met the legal teams for the deceased and her family. Moving on— I still have the same sense of smell when things are so odorous you just can’t bare it.Fast forward to 2011…. staring over. The same type of people who all know each other from their connections.

The absolute worst, in terms of inflicting daily harassment and work sabotage— a 62 year old woman from the Northend, who lives in Everett. 

Her claim to fame — office headhunter for her boss. Four employee casualties, one suicide from same office.  She probably did similat harm at the law firm she left for unknown reasons to temp and force her way into a job she was unqualified. A really ignorant hateful woman who complained she couldn’t find a date and the only men who replied on dating services were over the age of 80.  It’s interesting that her past involved connections with the city administrators as well as her coworkers— was it all just a coincidence? Absolutely not. And I mean who brags to people at the office that she turned back her water meter for decades while cheating the cities she’s resided during her adult life? Or using her mother’s handicap plaque so she can fleece daily street parking while her coworkers pay $2500 for yearly passes in the adjacent lot? 

Do you know people who use the death of an officer or son in order to extract sympathy and manipulate coworkers so they don’t have to pull off their masks— as to the real hateful and jealous people they truly are?  I do. 

Would you feel comfortable if they shared that everyone in the office doesn’t speak to them anymore and those coworkers shouldn’t bother asking for additional favors? Like fixing a DUI’s?

This is by someone in law enforcement and other connections. Or what if the same drunk and disorderly woman who abuses prescription meds daily while picking fights with coworkers she envies  so she can take their job and gossip with her friends — describes how she has the urge to put a coworker through a plate glass window (veiled threat), — and while the victim describes this to his boss, his only reply, “She’s a mess I don’t know what her boss will do with her…”, then laughs it off, threatens job hour reduction, or elimination and that the unstable mess told everyone in the office I accused her of harassment. 

Which by the way they pay $100,000 for consults to teach employees how NOT to harass. But what do they care as long as the corporate employment lawyers are content. They don’t have to practice it— just make workers sit in a room for 90 minutes on how to behave while managers, directors and other women like this nut job (there were more like her), never have to attend. The daily gossip whoring about her own director to conflicting bosses who had issues with him…. the lies about sexual relationships in the workplace just for the sake of a Jerry Springer moment. But I guess the worst was being made to feel like I didn’t matter. I was just in the way and they had to find a way to get rid of me or make me fear job loss and control me to allow the daily abuse to continue. 

When they asked me to lie about the Collier Project and take all the credit because they were in the process of trying to fire someone I supported who was so underserving, who later shared he sued and won, recently retired, I mean really? WH0 T F are these people?The final straw that forced me to transfer (but got me fired anyway),  but promised, “resignation in good standing”… (right), was due to the sexual advances and misconduct by a director affiliated with the mayor’s family and Officer Sean Collier. That’s why I’m coming out with my own story because it needs to be shared and sorted out. These people involved in destroying lives are all connected to one another. I never got the chance to face my accusers and hit squad. And I cannot hold back any longer. No one would help me get a job again and this situation has compromised my otherwise good health. We cannot let these people hurt anyone else. They must be held accountable by the law because it applies to everyone —no one is beyond it, no one. 

I was told by my manager, “it would be in my best interest to— go along”,  which meant having a sexual relationship with not only a supervisor but also a married man who I had now feared would somehow retaliate. 

But you see that’s not how this works— you don’t have to be qualified only willing to get rid of people that “don’t fit in”. Fitting in means you have to sleep with the boss who’s not your boss but pretends to help you get moved because your boss just got fired for embezzlement and was trying to sabotage her boss’s job by using an outsider and contractor— while forming “a cabal”, her words at a team meeting. 

It felt like war and it was, even the HR manager warned early on to, “watch out for the mine fields”. Alas, the director was forced out, while I was to learn how employees become a supervisor’s personal property. I wondered how many before me walked this treacherous path. But I didn’t let that happen and why I lost my job, at least one of several or more reasons. It was like the perfect storm- a surge of heightened uncontrollable inclement atmospheric patterns that would soon prove to be fatal to my career. One that would leave a life lasting impression and many hard lessons on how to better navigate a toxic system riddled with its own unique form of gang stalking employees to the point they eventually self implode. In the end, I didn’t hold back I just wanted out while trying to maintain damage control.

I can recall those words, urging me to not pursue my request to force them to address these issues which effected my daily work life now left in the ashes— “we have enough lawsuits and we don’t need any more…. don’t talk to central HR you never know what they will find here”.

You be the judge..

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