Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Samuel VILSAINT (Shoplifting, Disorderly)

On Wednesday June 27, 2018, while on full uniform patrol in marked unit 781, I (Officer Patrick Canty) was dispatched to K Mart for a report of a Larceny. Marked unit 783 (Officer Jean Jaques) was dispatched as back up. While en route to the call, dispatch updated us that the Suspect was running through the walking bridge towards Stop and Shop. As 783 and I made our way around the block, we were notified a Transit Police Officer was off with the suspect.

As I arrived on scene, I immediately recognized XXXX, Loss Prevention Agent for K Mart. XXXX stated that is the suspect that stole from the store. The suspect filled selected two back packs, and concealed boxer briefs inside them, he then left the store passing all points of sale without attempting to pay. I then turned my attention to the suspect and Transit Officer. The suspect immediately “squared up” and began calling the Transit Officer a “Faggot”.

He then stated he would fight all of us. He was uncontrollably yelling and screaming. He began to spit at officers. Transit Officer and I placed the suspect later identified as Samuel Vilsaint, in handcuffs without incident. Vilsaint became enraged yelling profanities at the top of his lungs, he spit numerous times at Officer Jean Jaques. He then stated he would kill 20 officers a day. Due to his behavior, traffic on McGrath Highway came to a stop, as drivers attention was drawn toward his screaming.

Multiple pedestrians began to gather, blocking traffic both in the street and sidewalk, I would note this is a busy area for both pedestrians traveling to Assembly Row and drivers accessing the highway. XXXX was able to identify the stolen property from KMart. I placed Mr. Vilsaint under arrest for Shoplifting and Disorderly conduct. He was transported to the Somerville Police Station via marked transport wagon 200 (officer Justin Brown), where he continued to scream and cuss, he also refused to be booked at the time of this report.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Patrick Canty 306

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