Somerville Speakup Line:What If Clarendon Project Is Opposed?

Many people are concerned with Clarendon lately, and willing to oppose the project that we have worked so hard to put together perfectly.

What if it doesn’t happen? Those who dont understand the fullness of the situation and can’t comprehend the whole picture need to read this.

Yes, perhaps the Developers want us to fight Union. Look at what happens. The deal will not go through. Union activists declare they support us but if this project is stopped, what comes next is far more horrifying.

– The buildings will be condemned. That means nobody can live at Clarendon.

– Families will be homeless, displaced, put wherever we can go. Vacant units outside of Somerville, homeless shelters, Hotel rooms – for who knows how long.

– We will be forced to leave the Somerville schools and evacuate the whole property.

– Leaving abandoned and empty Clarendon behind. An empty lot of land, with ugly buildings left for purchase to whoever wants it.

– No guarantee of replacing units – since nobody lives there.

– No right to return because it’s not longer home to any public housing residents.

Do you understand the enormity of this, Union?

Do you understand that your opposition is catering the future of Clarendon, without Clarendon at all?

You’ve been offered 85% of the work on the entire project. Please take that offer. There is no better offer to win. Think about what you are doing. Our lives should not be in your hands, and there is nothing moral about the outcome and fate of our families if this project does not go forward.

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