Board of Alderman Legislative Matters Transfer Tax Meeting Tonight

The Board of Alderman Legislative Matters Transfer Tax meeting will be held tonight April 9 th. @ 6:00 P.M. in City Hall.  There will be no public comment allowed but you will be  allowed listen to the Alderman discuss the Transfer Tax.  I urge everyone to attend this meeting to be sure the Alderman are listening to the Homeowners and residents.

Should it move forward tonight a vote may be taken by the board at the regular Board of Alderman meeting on Thursday night.  Opponents should continue to contact the elected official’s and let them know why you are against it.

Last weeks Alderman’s meeting drew one of the largest crowds in years to city hall.  We collected 170 signatures at the meeting alone and turned in hundreds more to the City Clerk as part of the testimony.  Be seen and be heard.  Somerville leads the way.

Stop the Transfer Tax!

8 thoughts on “Board of Alderman Legislative Matters Transfer Tax Meeting Tonight”

  1. Affordable housing should be funded by EVERYone. Tax luxury rentals 1% of the annual lease. One bedroom at $2000 or above. Two-3 bedrooms at $3000 or above. The city should collect 1% of the lease, and the tenant can pay half. There is enough wealth UNTAPPED on the rental side of the equation. These people who have to live in porter or davis and are willing to pay for an expensive rental for the privilege, meanwhile living here for a year or two and passing through, can afford to contribute to affordable housing for those low-income people who are not so privileged. Tax the luxury rentals on both sides. There are homeowners who are operating Air BNB’s. There’s one on Thurston Street, a 3rd unit in a 2 family, thats been operating since 2012 with 70 reviews. Isn’t this a violation of zoning code? Why is Somerville not requiring permits, inspections, or taxes to be paid on residential property being run as a business??? More UNTAPPED income that Somerville should have controlled and tapped into. Have Tufts pony up. Have the govt stop wasting $$$. The lawsuit against Wynn is a prime example of others in the city just going along with a ridiculous lawsuit and total waste of taxpayer money. When the city stops selling our city short to their favored special interests, and starts to respect the taxpayers dollars, maybe they could be trusted – but unlikely until the swamp is drained. The new BOA is a joke. And these people have the audacity to talk about the changes in character – when they are the change. And not for the better. Joe compromises on affordable housing to his developer pals and now wants to hit up the long time somerville residents and homeowners to compensate for money and units he’s given away. And there’s a new position Joe’s budgeted for a manager of affordable housing – clearly he already expects the BOA to fall in line. And they have – as somebody said, the BOA is NOT impartial and supported the transfer tax before the public hearing. The City ought to be sued – for trying to slip this in without property owners being notified. Well, it’s not going to be so easy as you thought. Meanwhile, all of you like Mark N. who publicly state your willingness to give to affordable housing should start a GO-FUND-Me and make your contribution of thousands today. What are you waiting for?

  2. Maureen you can contact all the elected officials by email, text, phone or letter and let them know how you feel about this issue. Many of them have already received hundreds of communications since last Thursday and it must continue. Pass this onto everyone you know so more people are aware of the Transfer Tax and to do

  3. The meetings can be seen on the government channel or live stream. That is what many residents have been doing.

  4. People who buy in an areas are taking risk. Renters do not have that risk. If an area goes down the sewer, a renter hands in his 30 day notice and can leave. Buyers do not have that luxury. So when the area goes down, is anyone from Revolution Somerville going to suggest that these homeowners get money from the city to cover their losses? Of course not.

    So, the other side of the coin is that when the area does well, the homeowner does well. Yes, I can afford to live in a Condo in Somerville. You know why? Because I grafted very hard for 4 years in undergrad, 3 years in law school, took on $150k in student loans, passed two bar exams, took a low paying clerkship in 2006 (paying $40k) and worked my way up to Partner at a firm over 8 years…..this took many years of hard work and long hours. Many people don’t want to do the hard graft. They just want their “affordable house” given to them. No, I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. My father was born in the projects of North Cambridge and died young. My mother was a flight attendant with no college degree. You want to live in Somerville? Figure out a way to make reach your goal and work hard at it.

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