Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Justin MYRICK (Firearm Carry w/Ammo, PWID B) & Michael CASTILLO (SPD Warrant)

On March 17, 2018, I, Sergeant Michael Capasso, was on duty for the Somerville Police assigned to the Gang Unit. At approximately 7:30 PM, I, along with members of the Narcotic Unit were conducting surveillance at xx Glen Street. This surveillance perimeter was established after Detective’s learned that Michael Castillo had an active default warrant out of Somerville District Court, Docket # 1710CR001656. Prior to Mr. Castillo exiting his residence, I observed Justin Myrick, wearing a black Nike hooded sweatshirt, approach xx Glen Street and sit on the front stairs. While on the stairs, it appeared that Mr. Myrick engaged in a short phone conversation. Mr. Myrick got off the stairs, starred in my direction, and began pacing back and forth. I would note that Mr. Myrick is familiar with me from several previous encounters, coupled with the fact that I was in an unmarked Police cruiser parked directly across the street from him in the East Somerville Community School parking lot.

After a few minutes, Mr. Castillo exited his residence, and the two walked down Glen Street and turned left onto Webster Street. I notified Detectives of my observation, exited the East Somerville School parking lot, and drove down Webster Street in my unmarked cruiser. I drove up to both parties (without activating my blue lights), rolled down my passenger side window, looked directly at Mr. Myrick, and told him that he had an arrest warrant. Mr. Myrick immediately appeared nervous, asking me not to arrest him. I would respectfully note that Mr. Myrick DID NOT have an active warrant. I explained to Mr. Myrick that the warrant was “minor,” and that it was for “jury duty”, and that I would let him go. I used this statement as a ruse to prevent Mr. Castillo from becoming nervous and fleeing, as he was the one that was actually wanted. At this time, I was alone with the two males, and being well aware of Mr. Castillo’s history of fleeing the Police when provided with the opportunity.

Both Mr. Castillo and Mr. Myrick are known to have access to firearms, and both have been recently arrested, or fled from the Police when firearms were recovered:

On 09/11/2017 – Incident # 17056157, Mr. Castillo took off running as  Somerville Police Officer’s entered Florence Street Park and recovered a firearm off his juvenile friend.

On 09/27/2017 – Incident # 17060539, Officer’s attempted to stop Mr. Castillo for a bicycle violation. Mr. Castillo refused, and successfully eluded Police.

On 10/04/2017 – Incident # 17061601, Mr. Castillo ran from Sgt. Slattery, Detective Cicerone, and I as we arrested XXXX on an arrest warrant.

On 11/29/2017 – Incident # 17072574, Narcotic Detectives and I observed a motor vehicle matching a description from a shots fired call. After several attempts to elude the Police, Officer’s managed to stop the motor vehicle. Both Mr. Castillo and Mr. Myrick were inside of the vehicle, and attempted to flee when the car came to a stop. A firearm was recovered from inside the vehicle behind Mr. Myrick’s seat, and Mr. Myrick was charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Mr. Castillo was arrested for being in possession of a knife ( Violation of City Ordinance).

On 01/13/2018 – Incident # 18002839, Narcotic Detectives made a distribution arrest of XXXX. Prior to the narcotic transaction taking place, Mr. XXXX and Mr. Castillo were together in a convenient store. A firearm was recovered from the vehicle after XXXX completed the transaction.

On 02/17/2018 – Incident # 18009684, Narcotic Detectives executed a search warrant at Mr. Castillo’s house, located xx Glen Street, Apartment #x. XXXXX was the target of this investigation, and was renting a room from Mr. Castillo’s mother.

Based on the history of Mr. Myrick and Mr. Castillo, I exited my unmarked cruiser in order to maintain a visual on both parties. As I waited for Detectives to arrive, I could see how nervous Mr. Myrick was becoming, and told him to relax, that I was not going to arrest him. I could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from his person. Mr. Myrick told me that he had an ounce of marijuana on him, to which I said, “I don’t care about marijuana, you can keep it, I want to make sure you have no guns on you.” At this point, Narcotic Detectives were on the street approaching my location. At this point, I turned to Mr. Castillo, grabbed a hold of his left hand, and immediately placed him in custody. I explained to Mr. Castillo that he had a warrant. While I was handcuffing Mr. Castillo, Mr. Myrick began slowly walking out of my line of sight towards the left-rear of my body. Knowing Mr. Myrick’s criminal history and access to firearms, I immediately handed Mr. Castillo off to Detective Costa in order to observe Mr. Myrick. I immediately began a frisk of Mr. Myrick’s person.

During the frisk, Mr. Myrick repeatedly asked not to be arrested, and began to slightly shake. I began the pat frisk, feeling what felt to be, based on the texture and odor, a  large bag of marijuana in his hooded sweatshirt. Mr. Myrick was shielding the right side of his body, allowing me access to the left side of his body. I turned Mr. Myrick to the side, and felt what I believed to be a firearm grip /  handle on his thigh area. I immediately looked at Mr. Myrick and asked if the object was a gun. Mr. Myrick, in a trembling tone of voice, stated, “Yes.” I safely escorted Mr. Myrick to the ground, placed him in handcuffs, and advised Detectives that he was carrying a gun.  Before retrieving the firearm, I asked Mr. Myrick if the gun was loaded, and explained that I needed to know for his safety to prevent the gun from discharging as we retrieved it. Mr. Myrick stated, “I don’t know, I just found it.” Detective Costa recovered the firearm, and was immediately secured by Detective McNally. Due to the fact that Mr. Myrick is under the age of 21, I knew that he was in illegal possession of the firearm.

I removed the marijuana bag from Mr. Myrick’s sweatshirt pocket, which was later weighed in at 26.4 grams and secured it in my cruiser.

While waiting for the transport wagon to arrive to our location, Detective Cicerone was standing with Mr. Myrick. Detective Cicerone advised Mr. Myrick that he was going to search him prior to placing him in the transport wagon. Mr. Myrick denied having anything else on him, and informed Detective Cicerone that he was already checked. Detective Cicerone explained that he was going to check for himself to make sure. Detective Cicerone raised his pant legs, and noticed a ball shaped object protruding from his right sock. Detective Cicerone asked Mr. Myrick what was in his sock, to which he replied, “I don’t know, what’s in my sock, is something in there?” Detective Cicerone retrieved the ball shaped object and discovered it to be a plastic bag containing a white powdered substance, believed to be cocaine. The bag of cocaine was weighed by Detective McNally, and had a preliminary weight of 4.7 grams. Based on my training and experience,  the collective knowledge in regards to Mr. Myrick’s involvement in narcotic sales, a recent possession to distribute marijuana arrest, and amount of cocaine recovered, I believe the cocaine was possessed for resale purposes.

Mr. Myrick is being charged with the following: Carry firearm with ammunition, Possession with intent to distribute a Class B substance – cocaine, and School zone violation, as this incident took place within 300 feet from the East Somerville Community School.

Mr. Castillo was arrested on the default warrant.

Respectfully submitted,

Sgt. Michael Capasso #285

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  1. Another one of officer cappaso lies he has already been in trouble for his false arrests and harassment of ppl for no reason. He needs to be investaged CORRUPT COP HIDING BEHIND HIS UNCLE! DO YOUR JOB RIGHT OR QUIT! KARMA!

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