Letter to the Editor:Somerville Teachers and Residents Left to Fend for Themselves

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

How come when the proposal for the new high school was voted on there was a parking structure but immediately after the proposal passed the parking structure was eliminated? Leaving teachers and residents around the high school to fend for themselves.

Along with that they did a parking study at 9 am after residents leave for work and in June after there are no seniors in school, so they can show ample parking. This study doesn’t represent an appropriate school schedule. What is actually going to be done for parking for our educators, city hall employees and residents that will be affected by it?

For a city that brags for their budget surplus why can’t we afford a parking lot for city employees.

Should we expect to see the mayor riding his bike to work soon? Should city employees and teachers expect a pay increase so they can live in the City and bike to work?

Should residents expect a tax break since the new building won’t cost as much with out a parking structure?


A concerned parent and resident.

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