Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Brandon DEJESUS (Shoplifting, Furnish False Name) at Kmart

On November 18, 2017, at approximately 17:30 hours, Officer Ducasse and I were contacted by Kmart loss prevention for assistance with a group of shoplifters. Upon arrival, loss prevention officers directed us to two suspects as they exited the store. The female suspect was immediately very vocal, and noticeably reluctant to follow our commands.

Once in the loss prevention office, the female identified herself as JUVENILE 1, and the male identified himself as Tyler DEJESUS. Kmart loss prevention advised us that the two had concealed a pair of jeans, gloves, and candy, in a shopping bag, but had dumped the items near the store vestibule once approached by loss prevention. In addition, the two opened a bag of candy while in the store, and ate it. An unidentified male was with the two, and assisted in the shoplifting.

As both insisted they were juveniles, we attempted to contact legal guardians. Officer Ducasse and I were unable to locate information on the parties, and they were extremely evasive in their answers, lying on multiple occasions. DEJESUS was adamant he was a seventeen-year-old, who left foster care in Brooklyn, NY without being emancipated, and JUVENILE 1 repeatedly backed his story. Officer Ducasse and I asked DEJESUS multiple times if he had any other names, to which he replied with wise remarks. After going as far as contacting New York Child Services, and his former foster mother, a child services social worker was able to provide me with DEJESUS’ true identity and age; Brandon DEJESUS. The social worker told me he signed himself out of foster care in August of this year, after turning eighteen. DEJESUS was handcuffed, and placed under arrest for Shoplifting by Concealment, Conspiracy, and Furnishing a False Name. JUVENILE 1 repeatedly stated she had no idea her boyfriend of ten months, who she has known for four years, was lying about his name and age. She went so far as to begin crying, and continued denying any knowledge of the lies.

Shortly thereafter, I received a call back from JUVENILE 1’s stepfather, whom she told me she doesn’t have a relationship with, is on vacation in Florida and was unavailable by phone. He told me JUVENILE 1’s true name is JUVENILE 1, that she has a warrant and is missing out of a group home because she repeatedly runs away. He also stated he does not know why the two are out shoplifting, as they just got paychecks. I asked if JUVENILE 1 knew DEJESUS’ real name and age, and he told me she has known all along, and that even he knows DEJESUS is eighteen and named Brandon. JUVENILE 1 was handcuffed and placed under arrest for warrant #WR5297531TC, Shoplifting by Concealment, Conspiracy, and Furnishing a False Name. As she was being placed into Unit 200 for transport to the station, JUVENILE 1 stated, “I’m just going to get right out anyway!” The two were transported to the station in Unit 200, and booked in the usual manner.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Reece


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