Vandals Damage Truck Over Clinton Sticker in Somerville

By William Tauro

Vandals damaged a pickup truck on Beacon Street in Somerville early Monday morning over differences of a Clinton sticker.

The windshield of this pickup truck was smashed with a derogatory note lest for the trucks owner warning him that it may happen again.

A note left by the Vandals stating “Take down your stickers or they’ll be more… Get the Fu@& out of Somerville Happy Monday”

Police are investigating the matter.

One thought on “Vandals Damage Truck Over Clinton Sticker in Somerville”

  1. No big surprise here. Should have known better than to have a bumper sticker on their vehicle. This is not a city where one can express freedom of speech. I do not put up signs or use bumper stickers knowing full what the outcome will be. Regardless of the fact that it was just clean fun humor.

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