Letter to the Editor:Election Day Bullshit in Somerville

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

So how come, at the polling places, Curtatone has city employees, on the clock, sitting directly behind the check in table, holding 3 ring binders, with the same sheets that the table has, manually checking in voters for city hall, duplicating the same books that are being checked at the table? It makes no sense, unless these secondary lists are going to be used for some nefarious purpose…………..Since the actual voting check in books would be part of the election data, why is the city spending money having city hall employees run a secondary list?

Is it legal? What is it for?? Will these binders be used for retailation? Since they are counting the number of people in, and the time, that could be then used to determine which ballot in the machine is tied to the voter………..this would totally eliminate the secret ballot process.

Complete and total bullshit. I saw Bobby Powers and another woman at W4 in the mystic projects, re-checking in voters, in their binders. I know they are both city employees and they were not part of the election staff.


4 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:Election Day Bullshit in Somerville”

  1. This is 100% legal and it is done by each campaign to see who has voted and who has not yet voted so the campaigns can contact them to ask them to go out and vote it is not an illegal procedure!

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