Letter to the Editor:Curtatone and Koty Up To Dirty Politics and Dirty Tricks

Curtatone and Koty knew what they were doing at the last minute when they changed most of all the voting locations and made it almost virtually impossible for the elderly to get to these new locations to cast their votes for Mayor.

The mayor especially made it difficult for the seniors at the Clarendon Hill Towers Apartments with all these new sudden voter location changes of address and he even made sure that their senior shuttle bus was out of commission for the primary as well as for the general election!

Now that’s dirty politics at its best!

4 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:Curtatone and Koty Up To Dirty Politics and Dirty Tricks”

  1. It’s weird that my name was on the voter registry for the primary but I just went to try to vote and they couldn’t find my name any where said I hadn’t voted since 2013. I can tell you that is an absolute crock of crap 💩. So now I had to do a preliminary ballot and was told to check back next week to see if my vote even would count. Something shady going on here all I have to say.

  2. You people are total scum on here. Worse than some of the fake news networks. You write and say anything you want, claim to have prof and never delivered. Now your trying to claim that some people couldn’t vote and he made it hard for them.
    Face it people are happy with the way somerville is. If your a home owner you love it if your not, well it is why it is. It’s expensive to live anywhere close to Boston. Somerville news weekly actually made people mad for all the crap they put out but never delivered on proof. On top of it you guys were so called best friends, according to you. I’m no political person, I hate politics, but one thing I know, is every politician is the same. It just so happens that this one did a lot of great things here in Somerville but you don’t talk about that.
    Not one day goes by, when someone comes up to me and says, wow somerville has changed for the better, what a great place to live..
    and you really thought that people were going to vote joe out, because of all the garbage you wrote.
    Get real

    1. Your response made me so furious that I had to respond. I am a homeowner and life long resident, newcomer Nick! I will tell you that Curtatone is not the only reason Somerville has changed. There are lots of reason, including the hard work and dedication of many residents and employees that Joe has screwed. High house values are not a good reason to justify the underhanded, corrupt and nasty behavior of this thug. There has been plenty of “proof” through the years of his illegal behavior but unfortunately, a lot of people like you and other government officials look the other way for unknown reasons (bribery maybe???). Someday this despicable person will get what is coming to him and I hope I am around to see it!!!!

      1. The only thing I would agree with you on is that there are other people here that made Somerville why it is today, but during his time here, it just so happens that Somerville has never been a better place to be. And let’s call it like it is, there is no proof of anything other than what people say and heard. Proof would be actual audio, video , documents, which by the way somerville news weekly suggested it has and never put out. And by the way Ann, if joe won this election unanimously, meaning not even close. So that tells you what the majority of home owners here in Somerville really think of joe.
        Joe one day soon may be out as mayor but let’s pray that it would be by someone with some experience and smarts, wasn’t going to happen with Payton.

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