Somerville Residents Who Support Change and Accountability of Our Political Establishment

By Judy Locchi Jacobs

My overall point I’m trying to convey to everyone who supports change and accountability of our political establishment—

They appear to be wasting millions of taxpayer funding on the wrong things, while making their friends rich— that’s how they get votes on Election Day. This money could be going to fix the sewer system which I’m told will cost up to $3 billion for the entire city.

It was revealed during the recent mayoral debate, that 80,000 is donated to the mayor by upper management employed by the city. In addition to undisclosed amounts from developers who get their way on projects—who are allowed to encroach on abutters, create constant noise, in some cases fail to pull permits, building in flooding zones, dirt, gas leaks filtering into basements (summer street redevelopment),

Don’t think there will be any jobs for the average resident who doesn’t play the game —

The new high school jobs in my opinion will be reserved for their friends, donors and their children who most are out of town and why they need a garage. The political machine and their hardworking campaign workers housed at city hall will have more jobs available to them for being so loyal and trolling on news sites to slander innocent local residents and business owners who have succeeded in getting the truth out.

They have nothing on us— we love our city and trying to save what’s left of it so struggling families can survive here.

If they want to compare reputations they better be prepared for a fallout.

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