Letter to the Editor:Curtatone Suspicious Fire Story Response

We immediately received this response from one of the original investigation officials who recalls the fire who was there through it all:
Dear Somerville News Weekly Speakup Line,

You had just posted the story of the suspicious Curtatone fire earlier on Monday in your Newstalk Shoutout Loud Column and this is my response to it:

I just read the article on the florist fire,,,,myself & (xxxxx xxxxxx) did the investigation, and was a sure thing that Joe’s brother Cosmo burned the place and we were waiting on the AG’s Office to file the complaint. 

I would have testified that the hairdryer that was used to ignite a can of paint thinner, was plugged in, switch turned on, and pointed at the can up close,,,,after waiting for months to hear about the case from the AG’s office (Somerville Court), my other investigator told me that the case was bagged, the files in the AG’s office were no longer there,,,and that a state trooper who worked out of that office,, was dating Maria….,,,,it just seems to be getting deeper !!!
Keep up the good work and take these criminals down!
Below is the original Curtatone fire story previously posted earlier on Monday:
Here is another story that is beginning to resurface to the top again with new witnesses and new information regarding the suspicious fire at the Curtatone family property florist shop and apartments some years ago. 
Rumors are flying that sources are coming forward and naming Mayor Joe before he got into politics days is accused of phoning a top floor tenant at the old griffin family property that was located on McGrath Highway before a fire blazed through the structure. Just days before the weekend before the building suspiciously burned Joe allegedly called and asked a top flor tenant, person who lived in that property for years, if she would be around this coming weekend. When he allegedly discovered that she wouldn’t be home, suspiciously the place burned when she was not going to be there. Rumors are flowing that they had the fire prearranged. The fire was supposedly set from the roof then later spread through the rest of the building.  
Joes uncle who worked for the post office who was very close to the family but during that time on bad terms with Joe and his sister allegedly told many coworkers at the Union Square Post Office where he worked for many years what happened and how it happened. This uncle now is very secure working for registrar Maria Curtatone at that Middlesex Registry of Deeds and we doubt very much that he will come forward now and repeat these allegations again but many others recalled the allegations exactly word for word how they were told by Joe’s uncle and others who are now coming forward.

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  1. A lot of people knew about this fire back then and Curtatone supposedly bragged about it. When the hell is the AG or FBI or someone going to do something about this scum bag? Of course the statue of limitations is over for this crime but he should not still be mayor or in any other public office. He should only be in jail along with his other accomplices. I really hope these articles will make a difference…

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