Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Rasius PIERRE (LEWDNESS, OPEN AND GROSS c272 S16)arrest

n April 30, 2017 at approximately 10:00 AM, Officer S. Clark (East 4) and I (Officer Nevin, West 5) were dispatched to the area of Woody’s Liquors on Broadway in response to a report of some sort of indecent exposure. Dispatch did not have many details, and I discovered why after meeting with the witness.


Officer Clark and I arrived at the same time. Officer W. Collette arrived soon thereafter to assist. A party known to me as XXXXX immediately pointed-out the witness across the street and identified the suspect (later identified with MA ID as Mr. Rasius Pierre) who was standing nearby at the bus stop. I asked Officer Clark to detain the suspect while I speak with the witness.


The witness YYYYY appeared slightly out of breath and visibly upset. She had difficulty explaining exactly what happened because she seemed embarrassed to use specific words to describe what she observed. At first I thought she was trying to tell me that the defendant was urinating, but I eventually determined that he was masturbating.


YYYYY was walking on the sidewalk East on Broadway in front of Trum Field when she suddenly observed a man standing in front of a silver car masturbating. She observed the defendant’s penis in his hand and stated that he was wearing red underwear, which we later confirmed during a search of his person pursuant to arrest. 


YYYYY was very upset and shocked by what she saw, not only for herself, but for the kids nearby playing baseball. She yelled at the defendant, “You better stop! I can call the police.” In response without tidying up, Mr. Pierre slowly walked to the bus stop across the street. YYYYY immediately went to Woody’s Liquors and franticly told XXXXX to call the police.


The car YYYYY was standing in front of was parked on Charles Ryan Road within 20 feet of the Broadway intersection. The defendant’s vantage point gave him clear access to view the boys playing baseball. (See attached photos.)


Once prior to arresting Mr. Pierre and once after, he was afforded an opportunity to tell his side of the story through a translator, but declined.


Mr. Pierre was arrested for Open and Gross Lewdness and transported to the station by Officer J. Rivera and booked by Lt. DiGregorio.


Respectfully submitted by,


Officer Mark Nevin #300

Somerville Police Department


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