Letter to the Editor: Mayor Trying To Take Somerville Courthouse by Eminent Domain for Federal’s New Assembly Project

Dear Somerville News Weekly Speak Up Line,

I am writing to let you know that your beloved Mayor Joseph Curtatone is trying to take the Somerville District Courthouse by eminent domain. 

If this happens all Somerville court cases will be either transferred over to Malden District Court or Woburn District Court, whichever chosen as part of a master plan to merge and to keep Somerville Court incorporated into one of those buildings in one of those cities as a “Woburn Regional Justice Center.”

Theres much talk flying around the halls of Justice here that the mayor is trying to take that valuable parcel of property known today as the Somerville District Courthouse and hold it for his friends Federal the developer for future development use also interpreted as his retirement fund. 

I have read the Letter to the Editor that you had posted last week “The Rise and Fall of Mayor Joe” and I couldn’t agree more that this courthouse land parcel might be included as a potential victim that eventually falls into the same pot of soup that he has been conjuring up for quite sometime. 

It’s about time somebody stood up to this out of control maniac and expose everything that he’s doing and has been doing ever since his tenure as an elected official began in Somerville. 

If the feds haven’t been called in already, they definitely will be called in on this one for sure. I’m positive that those clowns in his development department in City Hall will sing like canarys when the pressure gets put on them.  

I would love the chance to have him prosecuted and tried in this court, but as usual the feds get to have all the fun!
We commend the good people at the Somerville News Weekly for creating the “Speak Up Line,” a vital tool that has been needed in this city for quite some time. 
Please feel free to post the photos enclosed of the Somerville Courthouse proposal for your readers to evaluate and make their own determination. 
Enclosed are copies of some of the paperwork from the mayor to the Massachusetts Capital Master Plan 2017


From the Halls of Justice 


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