Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Joana MEMPIN (ABDW)

The following is a summary of the details related to this incident. 


     On January 20, 2017 at approximately 17:38 hours, while assigned as marked unit East-4, I was dispatched to the Montecristo Restaurant located at 146 Broadway for a report of an altercation between a male and a female. En route to the call, dispatch updated that the male reporting party was still on the phone and was reporting that the female was currently striking him. I arrived on location with West-5 Officer Gee and K-9 Officer Sullivan. Upon arrival the male and female party were standing in the door way to the restaurant. They were both separated, and I first spoke with the male outside of the restaurant. 


     I identified the male as XXXXXx. XXXXX owns the business next door to Montecristo, Wally’s Barbershop. XXXXX reports that he walked into Montecristo from the barbershop to purchase food. He observed the female party, who would later be identified as Joanna Mempin, asking customers who were seated in the restaurant for money. XXXXX states that she asked one customer for money, and he handed her $2.00. Upon being given the $2.00 she continued to aggressively ask the customer for $10.00. XXXXX overheard the owner of Montecristo, YYYYY, stating that he did not want the female harassing the customers. It should be noted that YYYYY only speaks Spanish. XXXXX states that he felt YYYYY was not putting a stop to Mempin’s actions because he only spoke Spanish and could not communicate with her, so he reports he took it upon himself to tell her to leave. 


     XXXXX reports that he asked Mempin to leave which resulted in her becoming very loud and screaming numerous obscenities. He then pulled out his phone and stated that he was calling the police which resulted in her attacking him with numerous punches, slaps, and kicks. XXXXX estimated that she punched and slapped him approximately 8-10 times and kicked him in the leg area twice while wearing a boot. XXXXX’s shirt was ripped in the area of the collar, he had some scratches to his face, and his chain was ripped off of his neck. XXXXX reports that while Mempin was striking him, he was backing up towards the door attempting to evade her attacks. XXXXX reports that he was on the phone with dispatch during the incident and was trying to remain on the line while being struck. 


     After speaking with XXXXX I went into the restaurant where I spoke with Mempin. I asked her what happened and she was very reluctant to speak with me or answer any questions. She stated that she struck him several times but would not state why. I asked her if she could provide me some of her information such as her address and she said that she lived in New York and would not elaborate. I explained that it was important that I obtain her side of the story as well as important information such as her address. Mempin eventually turned away from me, faced a wall, and refused to answer any further questions.


     I then spoke with the owner of Montecristo, YYYYY, with the assistance of his son as translator. I was informed through translation that YYYYY sees Mempin in his restaurant on a weekly basis and she is usually asking people for money. He confirmed XXXXX’s story that she was aggressively asking his customers for money and he wanted her out of the restaurant. He states that upon being confronted by XXXXX, she struck him several times and kicked him several times too. YYYYY could not specify the number of times XXXXX was punched and kicked. I also spoke with ZZZZZ, who was at a table of approximately 5 during the incident. ZZZZZ states that Mempin was asking for money and when approached by XXXXX began to slap and kick him. ZZZZZ reports that XXXXX was backing up towards the door and Mempin continually struck him. She also could not provide an estimate of how many times XXXXX was struck. 


     Based on the information obtained, I placed Joana Mempin under arrest for violation of M.G.L. ch. 265 §15A Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (shod foot). Unit #200 operated by Officer McCarey was dispatched to my location and transported Mempin to Somerville Police Headquarters where she was booked by Lt. Rymill. During the booking process, it was revealed that Mempin is foreign national of The Philippines. Lt. Rymill contacted the Philippine Consulate and notified them of the charges against Mempin in accordance with department policy.   


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Anderson #315


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