Letter to the Editor:Where Do We Draw The Line to Save Our Neighborhoods?


Dear Somerville News Weekly Editor:

Biggest development on Glen St & Broadway to dwarf Neighborhood!
As a long time resident of East Somerville, I was very dismayed when I heard of the development proposal for the East End Grill location. 

Our neighborhood has many families who have lived here and worked hard to stay here because Somerville is their home. In recent months I see more and more developments going up, crowding already overcrowded streets and neighborhoods. 

Specifically, this neighborhood already has a traffic and parking problem which affects all of our neighbors. An area with many children walking to and from school on a street where the traffic is horrendous and to add a development this large would only compound the problem. 

This development will be one of the largest added to the corner of Broadway and Glen streets and not only add a huge influx of traffic and congestion that we don’t need but also change the scope of our neighborhood. Families feel like they’re being pushed out of East Somerville and I propose we do something to stop this so we can continue to live and thrive in a city that we all have called home for many years.
East End Grill Project neighborhood meeting Scheduled for Tuesday night 1/10/16 at 6:00. At the Senior Center at 165 Broadway Somerville Ma 02145

2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:Where Do We Draw The Line to Save Our Neighborhoods?”

  1. they should make east end grill a sports bar… i met the guy
    who owns the property he can do what he wants with it
    want to put apts there better do something or homeless will
    find a way in and start sleeping there.. as it is they sleep in
    side the rac/citizens atm!!!!! 44 bway?

  2. 44 Broadway much bigger. 27 units 68′ high and taken away parking on George St for underground parking. Oh, BTW, contaminated as well.

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