Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Yerry ABREU-JIMENEZ & Juan GOMEZ (Attempt Crime, Conspiracy)

On Wednesday, August 10, 2016, at 10:25 A.M., Somerville Police received a call from a FedEx employee, XXXXX. XXXXX reported that she was being followed by two males in a white Honda Accord, with Connecticut registration YYYYY, in the area of XX Lexington Avenue. 


Officer Pasqualino responded, and located the white Honda Accord parked directly in front of XX Lexington Ave. As he approached the vehicle, he observed two males sitting inside the vehicle. Officers Martini, Ducasse, Nevin, and Sergeant Capasso also responded. 


As I arrived on scene, I was informed by Officer Pasqualino that he spoke with XXXXX, who informed him that the vehicle passenger, later identified as Mr. Juan Gomez, approached her and tried to intercept the package before she was able to ring the bell of XX Lexington Ave. Mrs. Feeney stated that Mr. Gomez walked up from behind her, onto the porch of the aforementioned address, and tried to sign for the package addressed to ZZZZZ. XXXXX requested an ID from Mr. Gomez, who subsequently refused to produce one. 


XXXXX, suspicious of Mr. Gomez’ behavior, rang the bell to XX Lexington Ave. after declining Mr. Gomez’ attempt to take possession of the package. After receiving no answer, XXXXX rang the bell to XX Lexington Ave (side by side doors). AAAAA answered the door and agreed to sign the package on behalf of her neighbor, ZZZZZ. 


After delivering the package, XXXXX circled the block and returned to XX Lexington Ave, as she remained suspicious and concerned of the Honda Accord’s occupants. As she drove by the house, XXXXX witnessed Mr. Gomez, and the driver, Mr. Yerry Abreu-Jimenez, outside their vehicle and talking to AAAAA. XXXXX rolled down her window and asked AAAAA not to give the package to anyone.


As Sgt. Capasso arrived on scene, he approached the parked vehicle and observed Officer Pasqualino speaking to Mr. Abreu-Jimenez and Mr. Gomez. Officer Pasqualino advised Sgt. Capasso that the operator, Mr. Abreu-Jimenez appeared very nervous. Sgt. Capasso asked the two what they were doing in the area. Mr. Abreu-Jimenez responded and told him that he was meeting someone to buy an X-Box gaming system. Sgt. Capasso then asked Mr. Abreu-Jimenez where he was meeting the person who is selling the X-Box. 


Mr. Abreu-Jimenez stated “right here.” Sgt. Capasso asked Mr. Abreu-Jimenez if he knew where he was and he stated, “I don’t know, I used my GPS.” Sgt Capasso asked Mr. Abreu-Jimenez if he could show him the GPS, and found no addresses stored in GPS history. Sgt Capasso asked Mr. Abreu-Jimenez if he would voluntarily call “the seller” to confirm his story. Mr. Abreu-Jimenez dialed the “seller” and handed Sgt. Capasso the phone. Sgt. Capasso spoke to alleged seller, who stated that he was in New Hampshire, and had no idea what he was talking about. At this point, while the two males were separated, I asked Mr. Gomez what he was doing on Lexington Ave., and he stated, “To pick up a phone.”


I spoke with AAAAA, and she told me that she offered to sign for the package when she saw Gomez trying to sign for it. AAAAA took the package into her apartment, and then heard a doorbell. When she answered the door Mr. Gomez was standing in her front porch, and Jimenez was inside the car parked directly outside the house with the window rolled down. Mr. Gomez then told AAAAA that the package was sent to XX Lexington Ave. by mistake and it was intended for him.


AAAAA refused to hand the package to Mr. Gomez and stated “No it’s addressed to my friend who lives upstairs,” then closed her apartment door.


I checked the package and confirmed it was addressed to ZZZZZ. I contacted ZZZZZ, by telephone and asked him if he was expecting anything in the mail and he stated, “No.” I then asked him if he would give me permission to open the package and he agreed. I opened the box and found three iPhones 6S PLS S 128G. Each phone had a receipt attached to it, showing ZZZZZ as the recipient, and a value of $1024.35, with the total value of all three phones being $3073.05.


When I found that Mr. Gomez knew the contents of the package, I read Mr. Jimenez his Miranda warnings in English from a card and asked him if he understood and he stated “Yes.”


I then read Mr. Gomez his Miranda warnings in English and Spanish and asked him if he understood and he stated, “Yes.”


After Miranda was administered, Mr. Gomez agreed to talk with Officer Ducasse and stated to him in Spanish that he and Mr. Jimenez bought the phones with a credit card he found and had them shipped to XX Lexington Ave. Officer Ducasse asked Mr. Gomez if the card was stolen and Mr. Gomez replied, “I think so.”


Based on witness statements, along with the statement given by Mr. Gomez against his own penal interest, I placed Mr. Abreu-Jimenez and Mr. Gomez under arrest for attempted larceny and conspiracy.


They were transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200, operated by Officer Remigio, and processed by Sgt. Capasso. 


The three iPhones were confiscated and placed into evidence.


Respectfully submitted,  


Officer Samir Messaoudi #312

Somerville Police Dept.


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