Reality Bites by James A. Norton


There’s a time to be funny and a time to be serious – and then you get old.


In the days since my daughter, her husband and their beautiful babies visited us last month, I have been hard at work on some long term projects that I really needed to make some headway on. I’m glad I did – the perspective I have gained on certain situations in my life has been nothing short of a revelation.


They say that when it comes to having moments of clarity, you see your past for what it is and the opportunities that lay ahead of you in a more clear and concise manner. I consider myself blessed that at 48 years old, I have the opportunity to do the things that I love to do for work and I am not stressed in the least bit. The only time I am stressed with work is when I want to do more business in a short period of time. So it’s up to me to make my own life more miserable if I want. I don’t want.


Last Sunday, my wife and I were visiting a friend of ours who is a bartender at this Irish pub North of Boston. I went to high school with her and we always have a blast catching up on a non-Facebook level, so invariably, we started talking about our 30th reunion, which will be later on this year.


Some people cringe at that number – I don’t. I feel as alive as I ever have and I’m having a blast all day, every day. Life is good, really good. The thing about our class (SHS ’86) is that we have a lot of “mini” reunions and have a lot of interactions online with each other. I am not sure what drives that, but, it seems as though there really isn’t a lot of animosity amongst the classmates of our year, at least compared to some of the other years in the 1980’s. That’s just my opinion, and I could be wrong.


The good news is – although we have lost some really good people over the years, there’s a ton of us around and still fairly local, so the turnout should be almost as good as our 5th year reunion. Again, that’s just my opinion – and I hope I am right. I look forward to seeing some friends I haven’t seen in quite a while in person. I’m sure there will be a flood of emotions, and I used to not be a fan of that in my younger years, but now I find myself embracing it and enjoying it.


So we could to my point, after that roundabout way I took to get here – in life as you get older, you can either spend your time being bitter and cold and nasty – or, you can share your wisdom, laugh with your kids and grandkids, and spend the remainder of your days happy in life and love. You probably don’t need to be told which I have chosen. I highly recommend it, before it’s too late. #GMK

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