Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Charles CASHMAN (Disorderly Conduct, Threat to Commit Crime, Trespass, Intimidate Witness)

On Sunday, April 10th, 2016, I, Officer D’Amelio was in full uniform assigned to marked cruiser unit 872 (E2) for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 3:20 AM I was dispatched to 282 Somerville Ave- Dunkin Donuts for an unwanted male. Sergeant Ward (S8), Officer Khoury (E4) and Officer Prophete (E3) were also responding with me. On arrival we were approached by the reporting party, XXXXX. XXXXX is an employee of Dunkin Donuts, he asked one of the customers to leave because he was sleeping in the seated dining area. The individual refused which influenced XXXXX to call us and serve a formal trespass order to him.


        Sergeant Ward attempted to identify the unknown male to complete the trespass order requested by XXXXX. The male said “f*** you, I will come here whenever I want, you can’t do anything about it!” At this time the unknown male began to walk out and while doing so, he began to create a scene by yelling uncontrollably, telling everyone to ” go f*** themselves.” Just before the unknown male was about to leave he turned and looked directly at XXXXX, who was standing behind the cash register and stated “If I ever f***ing see you again I’ll kill you!” At this time Officer Prophete and Officer Khoury apprehended the individual outside the front entrance of Dunkin Donuts and placed him under arrest.


        The unknown male was identified as Charles Cashman. He was served a formal trespass order to the Union Square Dunkin Donuts located at 282 Somerville Ave., a copy of the order was left with Mr. Cashman’s property. Charles Cashman will be charged with M.G.L. 272/53- Disorderly Conduct, M.G.L. 275/2- Threat to commit a crime, M.G.L. 266/120- Trespassing, and M.G.L. 268/13B- Witness intimidation. XXXXX was fully advised if Mr. Cashman returns to contact the Somerville Police.


Respectfully Submitted,



Officer George D’Amelio #324

Somerville Police Department



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