Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Edwin MAJANO (Unlicensed Operation of MV)


While assigned to marked police cruiser East 1, in full police uniform, on the above date and time, I was in the area of Broadway and Franklin St doing traffic enforcement. At the time I ran a check of random license plates through NCIC/LEAPS that were heading east on Broadway. I ran a Massachusetts license plate 6FSS80 and the plate came back active to Edwin Majano, 215 Bennington St, E. Boston, MA. The results for a license status for the owner came back as unlicensed. I activated my emergency blue lights and stopped the vehicle in the area of 62 Broadway. I asked the operator for a license and registration and the operator was in fact the owner Mr. Edwin Majano. Mr. Majano stated he did not have a license. I contacted the dispatcher to verify Mr. Majano was unlicensed and it was confirmed. Mr. Majano was placed under arrest for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. The vehicle was towed by Pats tow and Mr. Majano was transported in unit 200 to police headquarters to be booked.


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