Real Life Somerville Police Stories:David MCGRATH Jr (Shoplifting, Remove Theft Device)


On Thursday, March 10, 2016 at 4:30 P.M., I received a call on my department issued phone from an employee at the Adidas store reporting a shoplifting incident at Reebok. Adidas and Reebok are managed by the same team. 


XXXXX, a manager at Reebok, observed a white male wearing a dark jacket and carrying two red backpacks select a pair of Reebok sneakers, remove the security tag, then conceal the right shoe and exit the store without paying for the merchandise. XXXXX then reported the incident to Adidas, reviewed the surveillance video and contacted the Police. 


I conducted a search of the area along with Officer Anderson and located a man matching the description walking east on Grand Union Blvd towards the Assembly Square train station. I identified the man as David McGrath. Mr. McGrath was carrying two red Nike backpacks, I asked him to place the bags on the ground then asked him if he knew the content of each bag and he stated “Yes.”


I searched Mr. McGrath’s backpacks and recovered two hats and T-shirt, property of Nike (total value $71.97) and one shoe from Reebok (value $74.99). I asked Mr. McGrath if had a receipt for the items of clothing and he stated “No. I’ve had them for a week.” I then I asked him how much he paid for each item and he stated “I don’t remember.”


The following items were also recovered from Mr. McGrath’s backpack:

– (4) Sets of Philips headphones

– (2) Keychain Power Bank

– (2) Portable Bluetooth speakers

– (4) Padlocks

– (2) Bags of Tide detergent

– Several hygiene items   


These items are property of CVS. They were photographed and will be placed into evidence.


I returned the recovered merchandise to Nike and Reebok. I was informed by an employee at Reebok that the left shoe of the same size and model had been missing for approximately one week. I recovered a pair of pliers from Mr. McGrath’s back pants pocket. This type of tool is commonly used to remove theft detection devices. The pliers were tagged and placed into evidence.


I placed Mr. McGrath under arrest for Shoplifting by Concealing 3rd Offense, Removal of theft detection device, and Receiving stolen property -$250. He was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200, operated by Officer Christopher Fusco, and booked by Lieutenant DiGregorio.


Respectfully submitted,  


Officer Samir Messaoudi


Somerville Police Dept.


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