Letter to the Editor:City Plows Are Causing Havoc

We the people of ILLINOIS ave in Somerville have been out all day shoveling for the elderly and disabled children on our street. 

As we are out working a plow come by at about 4pm flying down the street with pedestrian out shoveling trying to clear the property and sprayed slush all over what we accomplished tonight as we were settling in to relax from being out all day two more plow come onto our street at 40 mph and sprayed ice and slush all over our sidewalks hit our cars in the driveway and onto the stairs of our homes I really think that they should take into consideration of the people that can not get out and clean. I do three houses every time it snows and I have a ripped tendit in my shoulder but I give not thought to helping this city need to help not screw tax payer over because there in a rush to rush around when there done. I was one of them so I know how the system works thank you MAYOR JOE CURTITONE WE APPRECIATE ALL YOU DOING FOR THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN HERE FOR 30 Year and more. 
Signed by the neighborhood of ILLINOIS AVE


One thought on “Letter to the Editor:City Plows Are Causing Havoc”

  1. Sadly to say this is a reoccurring problem with some of the dpw trucks speeding down our streetsbcausing all the snow to fly back onto clean walks and cars.
    The supervisors need to have the drivers that are doing this to stop. Someone will get hurt never mind the damage it is causing to their truck and the b properties in their path.
    Everyone needs to start calling into the city and reporting the bad drivers along with giving them the truck number.
    Fifteen miles an outboard speed that is the safest no more!

    Paul M.

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