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The Syrian cooking class has sold out. Be sure to check out the rest of our classes featuring Filipino, Haitian, Indian, and Moroccan cuisine and get your tickets before it’s too late!

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Nibble Cooking Classes 
We team up with Union Kitchen., Union Square’s culinary incubator, to present this cooking class series. Here is your chance to take a culinary spin around the globe—by learning how to craft plantain canoes, roll spring rolls and concoct exotic dishes like Chiles en Nogada—without leaving Union Square! Our teachers are Union Square chefs and fabulous cooks we’ve met through our Intercambio Language & Culture Exchange program (organized with S.C.A.L.E.). Beyond offering delicious cultural programming, we’re interested in helping propel the careers of local chefs and caterers and promoting the culinary riches of Union Square.

Cost of Classes: $40

How to sign up: Space is limited to 10 (so classes fill up quickly!).

Location: Classes meet at Union Kitchen, 121 Washington street., unless otherwise specified.
New! Winter Cooking Classes 
Thats right folks, Nibble is thrilled to present our latest winter cooking class series. Our featured chefs in this series hail from Syria,The Philippines, Haiti, Somalia by way of London, and India. Each class is held at Nibbles newest home and Somerville’s only Kitchen Incubator, Union Kitchen. Bring your chef hat and dive into these exotic culinary adventures.
1/28 6-8:30pm Winter comfort: Syrian style with Sam and Samah

Hailing from Homs, Syria, this mother and son duo are excited to take us on a Syrian culinary excursion right here in Somerville. In this class, Samah will teach us how to make Malfouf, stuffed cabbage leaves filled with cumin,vinegar, mint, beef, and rice pressure cooked in a flavorful broth until tender. Sam explains that without a pressure cooker, his mom covers her stockpot with heavy rocks on top of a lid to help lock in the steam. Meaning “rolled” in Arabic, these cabbage “cigars” will be served with a simple yogurt dip and are sure to make your mouth water. We’ll taste Banadora, a tomato based soup with vermicelli and meat seasoned with Syria’s famous aleppo chili. For dessert, be wowed with Namoora, a semolina based cake sometimes flavored with nuts or rosewater. For those who had a pasta making phase, and now have semolina flour sitting in their pantry, this is an excellent class to expand your pantry and your culinary repertoire! Class will be taught in English and Arabic. SOLD OUT!
2/11 6-8:30pm Get Luxurious: Filipino Pamangan with Ellie Tiglao

Ellie Tiglao brings that knowledge and know-how to deliver the incredibly delicious crispy pork belly Lechon Kawali. Ellie explains the region in the Philippines that her family is from is consider the cuisine capital of the country. “If other filipinos hear you are from Pampanga, they immediately assume you can cook.” Pampanga cuisine is best known for its umami and sour flavors. Join the Somerville Arts Council to learn how to make pickled green mango, a country staple. We’ll be starting off with a classic street food item known as Karioka, a mochi ball made with coconut, coconut milk, rice flour, and jackfruit. And for those who have attended Tiglao’s numerous pop-up events around town, for one night only, Ellie will be teaching students how to make her renowned liver pork sauce. Spoiler: it’s rich but tangy flavor and velvety texture makes quite the impression. Vegetable and rice will round out this incredible meal. After the class, sit down with us and enjoy the fruits of your labors for a Filipino culinary adventure. Get the last two tickets now before it’s too late!
2/25 6-8:30pm Haitian Riz Au Djon djon: The Party Starter with Judith Laguerre

Judith Laguerre explains “often when people come back from visiting Haiti, they bring back some dried djon djon mushrooms in their suitcase. A local delicacy of Haiti, djon djon mushrooms can be found in Somerville’s very own La Internacional market in Union Square. This party starter is the star of the show; A dish that all other dishes revolve around. “When I make my riz au djon djon for a party, it is the first thing to go” say Laguerre. “If for some reason I don’t have time to make the rice, my friends will cancel their party!” Learn how to make this classic riz au djon djon haitian dish cooked with cloves, garlic, scallions, and herbs. Learn the proper “squashing” technique for making fried plantains; a staple for any proper Haitian meal. We’ll also discuss pikliz, the national condiment of Haiti. At the end we’ll sit down and enjoy a full meal that will be sure to heat you up even on the coldest day. Tickets sell out fast, get yours before the djon djon runs out!
3/10 6-8:30pm Flattend Rice and Plenty of Spice: Vegetarian Indian with Madhu Nene  

For the culinary adventurer. Enjoy a culinary class taught by our very own Nibble Entrepreneur, Madhu Nene. A pro in the SAC cooking class circuit, Madhu returns for a class focused all things vegetarian. This class will dive into the complex and aromatic Indian spices and techniques that define much of this cuisine. Students will make Pohe, a flattened rice dish cooked with spices like turmeric, mustard seeds, green chilies, potatoes, onion, cumin, and cilantro. While the further details of this class are yet to be determined, consider an opportunity to expand your culinary repertoire and dive right in. Updates will be posted periodically leading up to the March 10th. Don’t wait until its too late! 
3/24 6-8:30pm BYOI Moroccan: Bring Your Own Ingredients with Nimco de Waal

Experience the very first BYOI cooking class in the history of our Nibble cooking class series! Always the innovator, Nimco is excited to teach and empower students with the skills to prepare Moroccan chicken. This class will include a discussion on preserved lemons, a salty, complex flavor found throughout Moroccan cuisine. A fresh herbaceous salad and rice will round out this comforting meal. At the end of the night, bring your marinating chicken home to share with friends or family. Impress your friends, and impress yourself with just how easy and delicious this dish is to prepare! While further details of the class lessons are yet to be determined, be sure that this will be a an engaging cultural, culinary experience. Price is $10 dollars more per person to accommodate for cost of ingredients. Don’t miss it!
Culinary Entrepreneurship: Pop-Ups + Special Events
As part of our Nibble programming, the Arts Council has come to recognize the value of food and culture as a driving force of economic development. For many of the instructors and market owners we’ve met along the way (many recent immigrants), preparing food for vending, catering, hosting pop-up dinners, etc. is not only a way for these Somerville residents to share their culture with others, but is also a way to generate a real income. Through our Culinary Entrepreneurship program, Nibble and the Somerville Arts Council are actively working to help develop and promote the culinary careers of these enthusiastic and dedicated individuals.
Stay tuned for coming events!

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