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I’m really unhappy about the intense planting and sculpted giant pots tiles bunches flowers bushes trees lights and where Mt Pleasant St. Starts Mt Vernon St which at the end is the Through way to Assemble Mall George St Lincoln St and the next small terr.Now have bricked in Islands and none of the above.The Muriel under the under pass was ripped for so long now it is gone and there is a white painted wall. 

Now Trees being planted .What kind of prejudice is going on here? I went to the meeting for the change in zoning for lower Bway personally and thought the change would be better and not punish Mt Vernon Restarant or Broadway Brake, but I realize now I made a very bad choice also who I voted for. 
Obviously we are sadly being misrepresented and shunned and getting the bottom of the barrel.
Shame on the city planners and shame on the NEW STREET SCAPES. You try to be patient and wait for the slow moving redevelopment deal with the noise pollution inconvenience filth to your own property and damage thinking it’s for the greater good and it is all for NOT as usual for Lower Broadway.
Jo-Ann Marie Fontano

New Trees Being Placed Along Broadway Somerville 

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