The Somerville News Weekly’s Special Persons of the Week The Members of the Winter Hill Yacht Club

Meet this week’s “Special Persons of the Week” honors go out to The Members of the Winter Hill Yacht Club for all their continuous support of our Somerville seniors, our veterans and to the community. 

The membership of this club who are all volunteers continuously support events for the Somerville Council of Aging as well as for our veterans with their monthly hosted events. 
From hosting senior citizens Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas parties for seniors and local children, Valentines dinners, St. Patrick’s Day dinners, Spring & Summer Old fashion senior barbecues to leading the way by hosting the Annual Somerville Veterans cruises for those who served our country in all branches of the service honoring our seniors for all that they have done for us here in Somerville and beyond.   

The club, it’s Commodore Joe Dunne and its membership have also committed and volunteered in hosting the Somerville Police Department’s newly formed Marine Patrol Unit who’s new patrol boat “Somerville Marine 1” will be moured at their docks. 

The Winter Hill Yacht Club is also involved with the community in hosting several Somerville Chamber of Commerce events as well as for participating and supporting many charitable events for the Somerville Lions Club and its causes that they support. 
We applaud you for all your accomplishments and we thank you for everything that you do for our Somerville seniors, our veterans and our community!
We here at the Somerville News Weekly salute you for everything that you do to make Somerville a better place.   

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