Real Life Somerville Police Stories:VCO POSSESSION OF DANGEROUS WEAPONS Arrest



On the above date and time, Sergeant Salvatore Fusco, Officers Joseph Rivera, Yvon Jean-Jacques, Patrick Canty, and I, were dispatched to Trum Field, 540 Broadway, for a red Toyota 4 Runner occupied with four individuals in which one of the occupants had a firearm.

As Somerville Units were responding to Trum Field, Somerville Housing Officer Sean Brown, located the red Toyota 4 Runner, Ma #16YD84. Officer Brown maintained a safe distance while keeping visual contact, following the 4 Runner. Officer Brown alerted Somerville Units via radio transmission turn by turn to his location. A motor vehicle stop was then affected at the intersection of Highland Road and Boston Avenue. At the time of the motor vehicle stop, there were three occupants, Kirby Calixte, Gary Mercer, and Patrick Janeiro. Calixte, Mercer, and Janeiro were instructed to exit the vehicle, and a pat frisk of their person for weapons was performed. A black switch blade was found on Janeiro, and a pocket knife was found on Calixte. Both Calixte and Janeiro were placed under arrest for the above charges.

Note: Deputy Chief Stephen Carrabino, Sergeant Warren Chaille, Detectives Dante DiFronzo, Michael Capasso, Fernando Cicerone, and Douglas Brioso were also on scene at the time of the motor vehicle stop to assist Somerville Units.

With the permission of Sierra 9, Sergeant Fusco, the 4 Runner was towed by Pat’s Towing. During an inventory search of the vehicle, Detective Brioso found a clear food saver bag containing marijuana in the front passenger glove compartment. He also found a third knife in the rear right passenger seat. Officer Jean-Jacques found a black AWS Blade Scale in the rear arm rest.

Note: The knife which was found in the motor vehicle during the inventory search, if held a certain way, could appear to be the slide and rail of a firearm. Calixte did admit to Sergeant Fusco, that he did threaten an individual at Trum Field with a knife.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Eduardo Soares
Badge #272

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