Prosecutor: Oregon’s Obamacare Snowden Free to Go by Neil McCabe


The man playing the role of Edward Snowden in the $300 million Oregon production of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will not rot in prison for blowing the whistle on former governor John A. Kitzhaber—who in this Left Coast drama was playing the role ofHillary R. Clinton.

Michael Rodgers was the interim administrator of the state’s Enterprise Technology Services division of theDepartment of Administrative Servicesand a man with 200 employees under his sway and 15 years on the books when Feb. 5 Jan Murdock sent him an email directing him to destroy all of the governor’s emails on personal accounts that were stored on state servers.
The emails in question revealed that the governor’s political fixer Patricia McCraighad torpedoed Cover Oregon as a political maneuver executed to help the governor’s campaign.
Like other states, setting up its own healthcare exchange was an IT nightmare and the frustrations with Cover Oregon were starting to hurt the governor in the polls, so McCraig ordered the state to shut it down.
Then, McCraig blamed Oracle, the Cover Oregon contractor, for the mess.
Then, McCraig engineered the state’s $5.5 billion lawsuit against Oracle—just to push the point home that nothing was the governor’s fault as he campaigned for a fourth term.
Murdock, Kitzhaber’s personal assistant, handled personal matters for Kitzhaber. She is still on the job now working for Gov. Katherine Brown.
When Rodgers got the email from Murdock, he went to the local alternative paper, and gave them the 6,000 emails Murdock wanted destroyed.

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