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CITY TV 13/22
Wednesday, May 13
9:00am:​Connecting Communities – Health & Human Services
9:30am:​Seriously Somerville w/ Jimmy Del Ponte

12:00pm:​Week of the Young Child
12:30pm:​Tom Taylor: Celebration of Life
2:30pm:​Union Sq. Walking Tour 2014

6:30pm:​Congressional Update
7:00pm:​SomerViva em Português
7:30pm:​Seriously Somerville w/ Jimmy Del Ponte
8:00pm:​Talking Business – Union Sq.
8:00pm:​Patriots’ Day Celebration
8:45pm:​Raising Families
9:15pm:​Tom Taylor: Celebration of Life

Thursday, May 14
12:00am:​Talking Business – Union Sq.
12:30am:​Raising Families
1:00am:​Lt. Colonel Woodhouse & Tuskegee Airmen
2:15am:​Tom Taylor: Celebration of Life

9:00am:​Celebration of the Life of Tom Taylor

12:00pm:​Senior Circuit
12:30pm:​Patriots’ Day Ceremonies
1:00pm:​Women’s History Month Reception
1:30pm:​Connecting Communities – Health & Human Services
2:00pm:​Congressional Update
2:30pm:​Aldermen at Work
3:00pm:​SomerViva en Espanol

7:00pm:​Board of Aldermen Meeting – LIVE

Friday, May 15
12:00am:​Earthquake Vigil for Nepal
12:30am:​SomerViva an Enisyen Kreole
12:45pm​2015 Mayor’s Business Town Meeting
2:00am:​Seriously Somerville w/ Jimmy Del Ponte
2:30am:​Somerville/MIT Climate Co-Labs

9:00am:​Magoun Sq. Walking Tour 2012

12:00pm:​Congressional Update
12:30pm:​SomerViva en Espanol
1:00pm:​Union Sq. Walking Tour 2014
2:00pm:​Tom Taylor: A Celebration of Life
4:00pm:​Seriously Somerville w/ Jimmy Del Ponte

6:30pm:​Tom Taylor: A Celebration of Life
8:30pm:​Aldermen at Work
9:00pm:​Week of the Young Child
9:30pm:​East Somerville Walking Tour

Saturday, May 16
12:00am:​Tom Taylor: A Celebration of Life
2:00am:​Somerville/MIT Climate Co-Labs
2:30am:​Week of the Young Child
3:00am:​East Somerville Walking Tour

9:00am:​Earthquake Vigil for Nepal

12:00pm:​SomerViva en Espanol
12:30pm:​SomerViva an Ayisyen Kreole
12:45pm:​Greater Boston Abolitionists
2:00pm:​Talking Business – Union Sq.
2:30pm:​Earthquake Vigil for Napal
3:00pm:​Raising Families

6:30pm:​Seriously Somerville w/ Jimmy Del Ponte
7:00pm:​Earthquake Vigil for Nepal
7:30pm:​Week of the Young Child
8:00pm:​SomerViva en Espanol
8:30pm:​Tom Taylor: A Celebration of Life

Sunday, May 17
12:00am:​SomerViva em Portugues
12:30am:​Congressional Update
1:00am:​Spring Clean Up 2015
1:15am:​Patriots’ Day Celebration
2:00am:​Connecting Communities – Health & Human Services
2:30am:​Somerville/MIT Climate Co Labs

9:00am:​Patriots’ Day Celebration

12:00pm:​Senior Circuit
12:30pm:​SomerViva em Portugues
1:00pm:​Talking Business – Union Sq.
1:30pm:​SCAP Annual Meeting
2:30pm:​East Somerville Walking Tour
3:30pm:​Tom Taylor: A Celebration of Life

5:30pm:​E. Somerville Architectural Walking Tour 2014
7:00pm:​Senior Circuit
7:30pm:​Somerville/MIT Climate Co-Labs
8:00pm:​2015 Spring Clean Up
8:30pm:​Board of Aldermen Meeting – REPLAY OF 5.14.15

Monday, May 18
12:00am:​Senior Circuit
12:30am:​SCAP Annual Meeting
2:30pm:​Patriots’ Day Celebration
3:30pm:​Lt. Colonel Woodhosue & Tuskegee Airmen

9:00am:​E. Somerville Architectural Walking Tour 2014

12:00pm:​Board of Aldermen Meeting – REPLAY OF 5.14.15
3:30pm:​Talking Business – Union Sq.

6:00pm:​Spring Clean Up 2015
7:00pm:​School Committee Meeting – LIVE

Tuesday, May 19
12:00am:​Somerville/MIT Climate Co Labs
1:00am:​SomerViva em Portugues
1:30am:​Connecting Communities – Health & Human Services
2:00am:​East Somerville Walking Tour
3:00am:​Lt. Colonel Woodhouse & Tuskegee Airmen

9:00am:​SCAP Annual Meeting

12:00pm:​Senior Circuit
12:30pm:​Sit & Be Fit
1:00pm:​Talking Business – Union Sq.
1:30pm:​Seriously Somerville w/ Jimmy Del Ponte
2:00pm:​Greater Boston Abolitionists
3:30pm:​Congressional Update

7:00pm:​Senior Circuit
7:30pm:​Earthquake Vigil For Nepal
8:30pm:​School Committee Meeting – REPLAY OF 5.18.15

12:00am:​Senior Circuit
12:30am:​Earthquake Vigil for Nepal
1:00am:​Raising Families
1:30am:​Talking Business – Union Sq.
2:00pm:​SomerViva em Português
2:30pm:​School Committee Meeting – REPLAY OF 5.18.15

Wednesday, May 13
9:00am:​CTE Senior Awards Night
11:00am:​World Language Awards Night
12:00pm:​SHS Spring Concert
2:00pm:​Prom Night Safety
3:00pm:​Our Schools, Our City – Arts
4:00pm:​2015 Youth Peace Conference

6:00pm:​CTE Senior Awards Night
8:00pm:​World Language Awards Night
9:00pm:​SHS Spring Concert
11:00pm:​Prom Night Safety

Thursday, May 14
12:00am:​2015 Youth Peace Conference
2:00am:​Prom Night Safety

9:00am:​SHS Baseball v Mystic Valley Reg
11:05am:​SHS Softball v Malden
1:00pm:​2015 Spring String Fling
2:00pm:​2015 Youth Peace Conference
4:00pm:​World Language Awards Night

5:00pm:​SHS Baseball v Mystic Valley Reg
7:05pm:​SHS Softball v Malden
9:00pm:​2015 Spring String Fling
10:00pm:​2015 Youth Peace Conference

Friday, May 15
12:00am:​World Language Awards Night

9:00am:​SHS Girls Basketball 2014-15
9:30am:​Our Schools, Our City – Arts
10:00am:​SHS Boys Basketball 2014-15
11:00am:​CTE Senior Awards Night
1:00pm:​2015 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony
3:00pm:​2015 Spring String Fling
4:00pm:​SHS Girls Basketball 2014-15
4:30pm:​Our Schools, Our City – Arts

5:00pm:​SHS Boys Basketball 2014-15
6:00pm:​CTE Senior Awards Night
8:00pm:​2015 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony
10:00pm:​2015 Spring String Fling

Saturday, May 16
12:00am:​CTE Senior Awards Night
1:30am:​SHS Baseball v Mystic Valley Reg
3:35am:​SHS Boys Basketball 2014-15
4:00am:​Prom Night Safety

9:00am:​2015 Youth Peace Conference
11:00am:​Our Schools, Our City – Arts
12:00pm:​SHS Baseball v Mystic Valley Reg
2:05pm:​CTE Senior Awards Night
4:00pm:​Our Schools, Our City – Arts

5:00pm:​SHS Boys Basketball 2014-15
6:00pm:​2015 Youth Peace Conference
8:00pm:​Our Schools, Our City – Arts
8:30pm:​SHS Baseball v Mystic Valley Reg
11:00pm:​SHS Boys Basketball 2014-15
11:30pm:​SHS Girls Basketball 2014-15

Sunday, May 17
12:00am:​2015 Youth Peace Conference
2:00am:​SHS Boys Basketball 2014-15

9:00am:​Our Schools, Our City – Arts
10:00am:​SHS Spring Concert
12:00pm:​2015 Spring String Fling
1:00pm:​Prom Night Safety
2:00pm:​2015 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony
3:30pm:​World Language Awards Night

4:30pm:​2015 Youth Peace Conference
7:00pm:​Our Schools, Our City – Arts
8:00pm:​SHS Spring Concert
10:00pm:​2015 Spring String Fling
11:00pm:​Prom Night Safety

Monday, May 18
12:00am:​2015 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony
1:30am:​World Language Awards Night
2:30am:​2015 Youth Peace Conference

9:00am:​SHS Softball v Malden
10:30am:​SHS Girls Basketball 2014-15
11:00am:​SHS Boys Basketball 2014-15
12:00pm:​2015 Spring String Fling
1:00pm:​World Language Awards Night
2:00pm:​SHS Spring Concert
3:30pm:​Our Schools, Our City – Arts

5:00pm:​SHS Softball v Malden
6:30pm:​SHS Girls Basketball 2014-15
7:00pm:​SHS Boys Basketball 2014-15
8:00pm:​2015 Spring String Fling
9:00pm:​World Language Awards Night
10:00pm:​SHS Spring Concert
11:30pm:​Our Schools, Our City – Arts

Tuesday, May 19
12:01am:​Prom Night Safety
1:00am:​SHS Softball v Malden

9:00am:​2015 Spring String Fling
10:00am:​World Language Awards Night
11:00am:​SHS Spring Concert
12:30pm:​Our Schools, Our City – Arts
2:00pm:​SHS Baseball v Mystic Valley Reg
4:30pm:​CTE Senior Awards Night

6:00pm:​2015 Spring String Fling
7:00pm:​World Language Awards Night
8:00pm:​SHS Spring Concert
9:30pm:​Our Schools, Our City – Arts
10:00pm:​2015 Youth Peace Conference

12:00am:​CTE Senior Awards Night
1:30am:​2015 Youth Peace Conference

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