SHS Track Results:GBL Freshman Sophmore Meet Held Wednesday April 22 at Dilboy Stadium


By Charles O’Rourke

2mile- Adrianna Massie- 4th 16:37
100m Hurdles-Jackie Eloi-1st- 18.1
100m-Youdine Felix 1st-12.8, Samantha Filmore 5th-14.4, Yonelle Koutelle-15.2, Keinstana Archer-15.2, Laury Belizaire-15.3, Priscilla Ponce-17.1.
200m-Loudes Jean-Louis-3rd-28.5, Pamela Lalaj-4th-30.6, Keinstana Archer-6th-33.8,
400m-savanna Collins-Silva-1st-70.1, Katia Mathews-2nd-71.5.
800m-YuYing Chen 3:18, Ana Pleitz-Martinez 3:31.
Mile- Alice Egar-1st- 6:14.
Shot Put-Priscilla Ponce-17’3″
Discus-Rachel Guerra-40’4″
Long Jump-Youdine Felix-1st-15′ 6″, Samatha Felix 2nd-14’4″, Loudes Jean-louis-4th-13’6″.
Triple Jump- Jackie Eloi- 1st-28’3″.
4×100 Relay- 1st-54.9- Samantha Filmore, Loudes Jean-Louis, Jackie Eloi, Youdine Felix.
4×400 Relay-2nd-5:02- YuYing Chen, Katia Mathews, Alice Egar, Savanna Collins-Silva

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