Letter to the Editor:A Letter of Thanks During My Recovery by Susan Nionakis

Dear Billy,

I just wanted to thank you, and many other family members and friends for all the kind words and support I received after my hip replacement surgery on February 9th.
To my husband, Michael, and son, Michael, I couldn’t have been surrounded by more love and support than they both provided through the entire process, I love them! Also, a huge shout out to my surgeon, Dr. Robert Miegel and his entire staff at Pro Sports at the Mt. Auburn Hospital, as well as all the nurses and staff on South 3 at Mt. Auburn. The care and expertise they all provided was second to none. To Gail Connolly, my home PT, another huge thank you for her help and support! And finally, to all my great family members and friends, their continuous love, friendship and tremendous support has made my journey so complete. All of these factors contributed to what I feel was an optimal experience during a difficult process. Thank you, thank you and thank you!


~Susan Nionakis

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