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Delarosa arrest age 38

On November 29th 2014, I, Detective Kevin Shackelford along with Detectives Ariel Collazo and Detective James Hyde were working plain clothes in an undercover capacity as, Narcotics Detectives.

At approximately 10:00am, I along with Detective Ariel Collazo had initiated surveillance in the Home Depot parking located at Mystic Ave. Somerville. This area has been a known narcotics “hot spot” and has been the focus of prior narcotics related investigations (surveillance) which have resulted in numerous arrests. There has also been several Heroin related overdoses in parked motor vehicles in the past.

Upon initiating surveillance, I immediately noticed a white Kia Sorento Massachusetts Registration parked away from the front doors to the Home Depot close to the entrance from Mystic Ave. (I noted at this time half the lot was pretty empty and numerous parking spaces were available closer to the front doors). The vehicle was occupied by two white females and the driver was on the cellular phone constantly looking back over her shoulder and in her side view mirror. The operator’s behavior was consistent with the anticipation of expected arrival of another individual.

At 10:15am, I observed a blue Chrysler van Massachusetts Registration pull into the Home Depot parking lot from the Mystic Ave. entrance and the operator was looking in the direction of the white Kia Sorento. It appeared the operator slowed down to make eye contact with the occupants of the white Kia. When the blue Chrysler van passed the white Kia, the Kia immediately pulled out and followed the blue Chrysler. I queried the status of the blue Chrysler Van Massachusetts Registration on my mobile leaps data terminal. The vehicle was registered to a male from Roslindale. According to MA Criminal History (BOP), the registered owner, had prior drug arrest for distribute/dispense Class B.

The two vehicles traveled approximately two-three lanes and parked next to each other. Detective Collazo observed the operator of the white Kia, later be identified as, Mrs. Dawn DeRosa)exit and enter the front passenger side of the blue Chrysler van. Detective Collazo then observed Mrs. Dawn DeRosa and the operator, later to be identified as, Mr. Eduardo Elias-Lynn. After this brief interaction, Mrs. DeRosa exited the blue van and proceeded back to the white Kia (interaction lasted approximately 10-15 seconds). When Mrs. DeRosa was walking back to her vehicle, I observed her left hand reaching into her jacket pocket as if she was placing something in her pocket.

Based on our observations (to include information obtained via Leaps), training, experience, and this known location, we believed this “quick” meet to be consistent with how street level narcotics transactions are sometimes conducted. I would like to point out that the act of having a “purchaser” follow a narcotics “distributor” is a common counter surveillance tactic utilized by drug distributors to ensure they are not being followed by law enforcement.

Upon our approach, I proceeded directly to Mrs. Dawn DeRosa who was near her driver’s door. With my badge displayed, I asked if she wanted to hand over what she just purchased. Mrs. Dawn DeRosa then immediately took her left hand out of her pocket and handed me two clear plastic bags. One containing brownish powder, based on my training and experience I believed this substance to be Heroin, a Class “A” Controlled Substance and one containing white powder, based on my training and experience I believed this substance to be Cocaine, a Class “B” Controlled Substance.

Detective Collazo approached the operator of the blue van and the passenger of the white Kia. When Detective Collazo got closer to the driver’s door, he observed another individual attempting to hide in the back seat of the blue van. Detective Collazo opened the rear passenger door (drivers side) and gave several verbal commands. This individual then opened the door and fled out the passenger side. Detective Collazo then gave engaged in a foot pursuit. While in pursuit, this individual appeared to be attempting to place items into his mouth as he was looking back towards Detective Collazo. Detective Collazo recovered 4 clear plastic bags containing white powder believed to be “Cocaine” a Class “B” Controlled Substance and $200 in U.S. Currency dropped by this individual. Detective Collazo stopped to recover evidence and lost sight of the individual as he ran west onto Mystic Ave.

Detective Collazo then identified the passenger Mrs. Mallory DeRosa. Detective Collazo also provided everyone their Miranda warnings. During a search of the blue Chrysler van, Detective Collazo located a black bag containing a wallet with an identification for a Mr. Wilfredo Gonzalez and $104 in U.S. Currency. Detective Collazo positively identified Mr. Gonzalez as the individual who fled from the vehicle. According to Mr. Elias-Lynn, the black bag Detective Collazo discovered belongs to the individual who fled from the vehicle. Also in the black bag was $147 in U.S. Currency. Detective Collazo further discovered, two cellular phones inside the vehicle. 1 Blackberry located rear back seat next to Wilfredo Gonzalez and 1 black Samsung discovered in the center console.

Mrs. Dawn DeRosa was placed under arrest for possession of Heroin, a Class “A” Controlled Substance, possession of Cocaine, a Class “B” Controlled Substance and Conspiracy to Violate the Narcotics Laws. Mrs. Mallory DeRosa was placed under arrest for conspiracy to violate the narcotics laws. Mr. Elias-Lynn was placed under arrest for distribution of Heroin, a Class “A” Controlled Substance, distribution of Cocaine, a Class “B” Controlled Substance and Conspiracy to Violate the Narcotics Laws. All three defendants were transported to the Somerville Police Station.I will be applying for an arrest warrant for Mr. Gonzalez.

After the booking process was completed, Mr. Elias-Lynn’s finger prints stated that he was utilizing an alias and was not truthful with his information. Officer Thomas Garner conducted a thorough investigation via several departments and revealed his true identity and will be filing a supplemental report. Mr. Elias-Lynn’s true name we believe at this time is, Carlos DeLarosa Mr. DeLarosa will also be charged with providing a false name at booking.

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