Complaints of Off Duty School Buses Abusing Parking Ordinances in Somerville


By William Tauro

Off duty school buses belonging to a bus company on Joy Street in Somerville are allegedly being accused of abusing the city’s traffic parking ordinances and just literally parking when and where they want around the city in between their daily pickups and dropoffs and using the city streets as staging and waiting areas.

“Whether the buses are taking up valuable parking spaces in our city or even dangerously blocking city fire hydrants as shown here in these recent photos, it looks like they just apparently don’t care.” said Marvin Blake who works for a local business on Joy Street.”

Blake added “Most businesses in the city follow the rules and keep their business on their own property and off the city streets, while others just abuse the system.”

On this particular day, the bus driver in the photo was actually beeping at one of our reporters to move his car so a her bus could make the swing and park there.

“It might be a good thing to have the city step in before someone gets injured swaying in and around the buses” said one Somerville resident who also added that ” this is an everyday thing all of a sudden.”








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