Real Life Somerville Police Stories / Alleged Smartphone Theft at UPS



Cannon arrest age 22

On the above listed date and time I, Officer Mark Pulli badge #311, assigned to Patrol Area East-1 along with Officer Goncalves (East-2) were dispatched to Third Ave. Somerville MA (UPS) for a report of an employee theft.

Upon arrival I met with the UPS Supervising Security Investigator, who stated that he had been conducting an investigation involving the theft of smart phones from the location. Investigator escorted myself and Officer Goncalves to the security office where he had CCTV surveillance video equipment setup. He pulled up a video which showed U.S. Security Associates employee Randy Cannon taking a package off of a shelf and concealing it under his sweatshirt. U.S. Security Associates is the private security company hired by UPS.

Investigator called for Cannon to come to the security office. Cannon had just finished his shift and left the building, but returned when he was called. When Cannon arrived, investigator informed him that he had observe him stealing a package earlier in the day during his shift, and told Cannon that he had reviewed video surveillance footage and observed him steal a package on 10/21/14 as well.

Investigator informed Cannon that he was investigating smart phone thefts and then showed Cannon the video from 10/21/14. After watching the video Cannon uttered “damn” and stared at me. I asked Cannon to have a seat and then read him his Miranda Warnings directly from my pocket card. Cannon stated he understood his rights.

At this time Cannon stated he was willing to make a voluntary statement. I asked Cannon what he did with the package he had stolen earlier in the day. Cannon stated he had second thoughts about taking the package and decided to through it away in the bathroom. investigator recovered the package which was opened, but did not contain a smart phone, but rather a Basic Talk phone modem valued at $29.99. I asked Cannon if he had thrown this package away because it was not a phone and he just shrugged his shoulders. I then asked Cannon what he had done with the package he was seen taking on the video. He stated “that’s this”, and held up the i Phone 6 smart phone that was in his hand. I asked him again if that phone was what he had stolen on 10/21/14 and he stated “yes”.

I asked Cannon if he had stolen any other phones and he said “a couple others”. I asked him what he had done with them and he stated “I don’t have them”. Cannon then stated that other people were doing it too, and said he was approached by another employee he called “R” who said to him “we can both make money”. Cannon stated he had a 3 month old child and a girlfriend and was looking to provide for them.

Investigator asked Cannon if he would be willing to give a written statement on the incident. Cannon agreed, but then said he was not willing to talk about “R’s” involvement because he could get killed over this. Cannon expressed concerns for his own safety. When asked Cannon refused to elaborate on what “R’s” real name was and then stated he was done answering questions.

At this time I informed Cannon he was being placed under arrest. Unit 200 was called to the location and Cannon was transported to the Somerville Police Station via Unit 200.

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