Upcoming Media Events @ SCATV


Somerville Community Access Television is excited to announce and spread the word about two upcoming
media events hosted at SCATV. We are a community media center trying to best serve the Somerville community by creating opportunities and a space for people to meet and greet.

Next Monday, October 27th at 7pm, we are happy to bring back for its fourth time, Rough Cut Media Screening. This is a fun event, where media-makers from all walks of life can share their video work in progress to be screened for feedback. You can take it or leave it but nonetheless it is an opportunity to pitch your work, watch other people’s videos and to network!

In the spirit of collaboration & community, you are invited to the FREE SCATV Potluck and Lecture Series with Boston Indie Mafia on Thursday, November 13th at 7pm. Boston Indie Mafia is a A group of regional production pros, performers, and creatives who provide a venue that helps connect filmmakers & foster support for local independents.

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