Ebola: What happens when Obama’s leadership goes viral

by Neil W. McCabe

In a survey of 1,300 physician members of Sermo.com, the social media site for doctors only, 75 percent agreed that all travel from West Africa should be halted in light of the Ebola Virus crisis that has come to America from that part of the world.

“The core issue is preparedness from the perspective of an already stressed frontline medical infrastructure, said Hanni Itah, a spokeswoman for the social media site with more than 270,000 members,
“Public health preparedness is one side of the story, and some question CDC’s preparedness,” she said.
In addition to the 1,300 direct responders, more than 3,000 physicians participated in the online discussion at Sermo.com, which boasts that 40 percent of the country’s doctors are members, representing 66 different specialties.
“Dallas is an example, but there will likely be others unless a change in screening protocols is adopted that go beyond simply checking temperatures at a few Ports of Entry,” Itah said. “Some feel a better solution is to deny granting access to non-US citizens from the Ebola-affected areas of Africa through the State Department’s Visa granting process until true epidemic containment has been achieved.”
Ninety-one percent of the doctors said the federal government is not adequately screening inbound passengers from Ebola-affected areas. While 90 percent said they did not trust the federal government to be honest about the visa granting process or from where travelers were coming from.
Welcome to the Age of President Barack Obama. Looking back on the six years of this administration, there is quite a catalog of lies and cover-ups that were all dismissed as playing politics.
Really, what do we really know about Obama’s Fast & Furious program that facilitated the sale of thousands of firearms to Mexican crime organizations and the death of hundreds of Mexicans?
What do we really know about the $500 million loan guarantee to the Obama contributors running Solyndra that the government had to cover when the solar panel company went bust?
What about Benghazi? What about the IRS program to shut down conservative political committees? What the bonuses awarded to the hacks running the Department of Veterans Affairs?
What about the phony EPA employees set up with phony personnel records, so that Obama appointees could use the phony employees emails? It was a clever ruse because congressional investigators would never ask to see emails of employees that do not exist. Of course, once Congress found out the servers crashed.
When congressional investigators asked for the texts messages EPA leaders sent and received on government-provided Blackberries? Well, did I even have to tell you that those texts messages are now food for the gods.
Some people took notice when the administration released the five most dangerous terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay’s detention center for a deserter. In fact, of all the detainees held there, these were the five that everyone, I mean everyone, agreed should remain in custody.
Yet, when he was testifying before Congress, Secretary of Defense Charles T. Hagel said he would never have approved the release if he thought it would endanger American lives. This was said under oath and with a straight face.
Because the president enjoys the support of the mainstream media is not held to the same level of scrutiny as his predecessor was held. Over the last six years, the scandals began with simple larceny of the U.S. Treasury and political coverups. As the administration matured, its scandals moved into the national security realm.
Now with the Ebola Virus, the administration’s recklessness and malfeasance threatens public health.
The president and his experts dismissed a travel ban on inbound passengers from West Africa. The president and his experts have exaggerated the extent to which passengers are screened. The president and his experts have repeatedly told us that there is no danger—and yet, what do you really think?
The president leaves for retirement at his California mansion in January 2017. Let’s hope we can survive long enough to see him off.

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