Somerville Alderman Mary jo Rossetti on Pay to Play Ordinance

Some of you are questioning my recent vote of the ‘Pay To Play’ Ordinance. For those of you who asked me directly, I thank you. To others I offer
you the following: I respectfully bring to your attention that I, as an elected official to the School committee for 14 years, a current member of the Governor’s Local Government Advisory Committee now in my 4th year, President of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees, and in my current capacity as Alderman of this extraordinary urban district, have never voted in favor of a motion which, as one voting Alderman who voted in favor of it stated, “Let’s pass it, and then we can figure it out.” The night of our vote I pleaded with my colleagues to put it back into committee for further discussion. Following my research, both within and outside of our community, some of my reservations relate to the fact that the employees of construction companies/architects, etc. are exempt from this Ordinance, the Director of Planning has expressed his concern in that this brings ‘politics’ to his and the Zoning/Planning Boards level (something that never should become a part of their responsibilities), the fact that a project could be approved and then sold to a “contributor” following construction with no consequence, the fact that long awaited liquor licensing applicants are not included in this Ordinance, the unknown of how to handle a non-elected candidate’s campaign account, etc. Again, I have gone on record as stating I AM in support of being the FIRST community in Massachusetts of adopting such an Ordinance. I will NOT however “pass it and then figure it out.” Let’s get it right the first time, our community deserves nothing less.

7 thoughts on “Somerville Alderman Mary jo Rossetti on Pay to Play Ordinance”

  1. We forgot to mention Bill White’s explosive response when there was indecisiveness at the pay to play meeting I attended last year.

    Also, Jack Connolly was MIA- claiming he was too sick with the flu to attend. Well in the real world, there is a such thing is conference calling! So he never voted which was why it must be brought to the table once again.

    What is left out of the discussion is that allegedly contractors and developers are also making donations. That topic was brought up at the meeting and the most important issue.

  2. Shirley……… example is when a candidate accepts $2500 in “donations” from five different people all employed by one bar in the city with that bar owner hoping for favorable treatment of his interests if that candidate wins.

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