Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Pierre Arrest

On August 5, 2014, I, Officer Mark Nevin, was in full uniform in my assigned marked cruiser (East 3). While conducting selective enforcement on Bow Street, I observed a motor vehicle
with an expired inspection sticker. I confirmed the status by querying the RMV database through CJIS using my cruiser’s laptop computer. In addition to confirming the inspection status was expired, the query results showed that the MV’s registration was revoked for having no valid insurance and the operator had a warrant. I activated my cruiser’s emergency lights and caught up to the MV as it was turning into the Market Basket parking lot at Somerville Avenue. I notified Somerville dispatch about the car stop and requested another car. Officer G. Guillon (East 2) quickly arrived to provide backup.

I approached the MV and confirmed that the operator was the owner (Stanley Pierre). After explaining the situation to him, he told me that he did go to his most recent court date and he did send $200.00 to cover the court costs. Mr. Pierre spent about ten minutes rooting through his possessions to find the paperwork documenting his actions; however, he was unable to locate them. I requested the prisoner transport wagon (200) from Dispatch. Officer Ducasse transported Mr. Pierre in 200 to the station where he was booked.

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